48th Palestinian Cultural Exhibition Opens Today

Post by Mark

I went to this exhibition last year and I’m heading there again this year. There will be handicraft, embroidery, artwork, books, jewelry, and food for sale. Here is a bit more information on the Palestinian Culture Center:

The Palestinian Culture Center aims to support needy families and preserve the rich and vibrant culture of Palestine. It does this by encouraging ladies to continue a beautiful handicraft, embroidery, which has been in Palestine for hundreds of years and ensuring that the tradition is carried on to the younger generation.

The Center has been in operation since the early 1970’s in Kuwait and then moved to Jordan after 1990. Today, the PCC, has over 450 women from the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan working on these beautiful pieces. For these women, the payment they receive is a great support for their families. The PCC also aims at supporting education and helps various schools and education programs in Palestine as well as needy families.

As a charity organization we use a simple rule in all our pricing. Thirty-three percent of the sale cost of an item is given to the woman that produces the work, thirty-three percent goes towards covering the cost of the item, and the remaining amount is distributed to schools, orphanages and needy families mostly in Palestine.

For more information on this event including location and timings, click [Here]

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  1. Abou Dhabi says:

    Bayt el Loftan would have made an ideal home for the Palestinian Cultural Centre in its new avatar in a free Kuwait but alas that was not to be…………..

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