My Favorite Açaí Bowls in Kuwait

Post by Mark

A lot more places have started offering açaí bowls on their menu since I last shared a list in January. So far I’ve tried the açaí bowls at Liquid, Be Cafe, Bowl’d, Pick, Super Foods, Magnet, and JS Foods which is why decided to share my favorite ones below.

Here are my top 3 açaí bowls in Kuwait:

1- Be Cafe
2- Bowl’d
3- JS Foods

Be Cafe and Bowl’d both use the same açaí base but Be Cafe comes out on top because the granola they use is so much better (pictured above). But, they don’t always have açaí available and when I last spoke to them this past weekend, they were considering removing açaí from their menu completely. So without Be Cafe in the picture, my top 3 açaí bowls would be:

1- Bowl’d
2- JS Foods
3- Liquid

My only issue with JS Foods (pictured on the very top) is their location sucks and the fact they close at 5PM. If they had a location closer to my office or home, I’d probably pass by them more than I would Bowl’d or Liquid. If you have a favorite açaí place that isn’t mentioned here, let me know.

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  1. zaydoun says:

    Any Acai near my office, in addition to Liquid?

  2. lok says:

    Wild Coffee in Salmiya have a good acai bowl too

  3. teenum says:

    Gone are the days when you used to review burgers and shawermas.

  4. Danah says:

    GIA in the city have an acai bowl and it’s really good.

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