VOX Cinemas Opening Tomorrow

Post by Mark

VOX Cinemas, the UAE-based cinema company is opening up in phase 4 of Avenues tomorrow night (April 25). They’ll be premiering the new Avengers movie but it’s an invite-only affair although, from my understanding, the box office should open up to the public tomorrow night if you’re interested in booking tickets for this coming weekend. *update below*

The VOX cinema has 17 screens with a seating capacity of over 1,500 seats. They’re the fourth cinema chain to open up in Kuwait and will be competing head to head with Cinespcape that is also open in Avenues. Here is a link to their [Website]

Update: I was just told tickets will NOT be going on sale tomorrow. They’re just opening the theater for the private premier and they are still waiting on some permits before they can sell tickets to the public.

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  1. Bo Khalel says:

    Strange they are opening in less than two days and no pricing yet? also although they look nice and all, what’s the point if movies are still censored, even kids ones.

    Their website isn’t fully functional too, some links aren’t clickable yet.

    • Mark says:

      So because movies in Kuwait are censored we shouldn’t have cinemas? What kind of logic is that…

    • afnanzn says:

      their pricing is mentioned in the FAQs section of the website.

    • Bruce says:

      A shame really about the butchering of movies in cinema. I think it’s the classic if an MP was to bring it up they’ll be deemed ‘oh look here they want to see to people kissing and tits’ kinda thing

  2. afnanzn says:

    as they are gonna charge for the 3D glasses, it better be an out of this world experience as their website states…

  3. cajie says:

    ‘Test Film’ looks very intriguing. I will try and book tickets for this movie.

  4. What and half says:

    In an ideal world the GCC barring KSA should move toward a unified censors board based out of Dubai so that what is considered suitable for audiences in the Emirates and Oman is also considered suitable for movie goers in Kuwait.

    On a separate note the brash and arrogant self proclaimed Emperor of Bollywood- Shahrukh Khan is expected in Kuwait on 26th April. Wonder if his visit is also meant to coincide with the VIP opening of Vox Cinemas @ the Avenues?1

  5. Jaber says:

    Why don’t they just wait for the mushrooms day? I think it makes more sense if they open after Ramadan.

  6. zeeshan says:

    what is the timing of the premier show for avengers today
    can anyone help

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