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Post by Mark

If you’re looking for new shows to watch while you wait for a new Westworld episode every week, here are three:

Lost in Space
Even though I finished watching the whole first season, I am still undecided if I like the show or not. I managed to binge watch ten episodes over two days but that’s not really a tell on how good the show is since I also binge-watched the terrible Seven Seconds over two days as well. Lost in Space is a remake of a series from 1965 with the same name, it follows a family who get thrown off course in space and crash into an unknown planet. The show started off really entertaining but there was this one character and story plot I couldn’t stand which is why I’m not sure how I feel about the show. It’s worth checking out and I’m curious to see how the second season will develop. Lost in Space is on Netflix.

The Crossing
I originally thought this show was by the same creator as LOST, but while looking for info on the show for this post I realized it’s not. This should give you an idea on what kind of show this is. The Crossing is four episodes in and it has me hooked. The plot is very interesting and focuses on refugees that end up on a beach outside a small town, but the thing is, these refugees are from a war-torn future. The trailer above is what got me watching the show so check it out. The Crossing is available to watch on Hulu.

From the three shows here, Barry is my favorite. The show stars Bill Hader who plays the role of a hitman who moves to LA and decides he wants to quit to become an actor. Its a funny show that stars some legendary comedians like Stephen Root (Newsradio, Office Space) and Henry Winkler (Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation). Barry just recently started so only five episodes are out so far. If you’re interested, Barry is available to watch on HBO.

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    Is he in the show?!
    <3 <3 <3

  2. mocman says:

    dont forget new Westworld is out

  3. vampire says:

    mark plz,, more posts like this.

    The handmaids tale,, 2 episodes releasing today,, cant wait.

    • Mark says:

      i’ve been doing more and more of these posts recently

      • vampire says:

        Obviously i have no life,, i mean my life is the tv so keep them coming :)

        were the tv show Counterpart mentioned here earlier,, gritty scifi show?

        Australian drama happen to be my favorite

  4. m.bahrani says:

    There should be Like Buttons so we can click and you know what interests your readers. Good job

  5. Nasser says:

    Mark, have you seen the Toys That Made Us on Netflix?

  6. Yousef says:

    I recommend a comedy show called The Good Place. Two seasons are out, but only the first is on Netflix right now. It has a unique premise that I won’t explain because, with this show in particular, I believe it’s best if you go in blind.

    Created and written by Michael Schur (Mose from the Office), who wrote for The Office, and also created Parks and Rec and Brooklyn nine-nine. You can’t go wrong with this guy!

    • Mark says:

      Tried watching it, hated it.

      • Yousef says:

        How many episodes in? I didn’t think it was anything special when I first watched it but it really picks up after episode 6/7. And season 2 is some of the best TV I’ve seen recently. Might be because I’m a huge Michael Schur fan, so if you don’t like his work/style of comedy it might not appeal to you.

        • Mark says:

          hmmm not sure, i just checked netflix now and its not showing me my progress. I think i stopped on episode 3 or 4. maybe i should push through cuz i’ve been hearing so much good stuff about it and i don’t understand why

          • Yousef says:

            Definitely power through. I think the first half of the season is slow because they’re introducing the characters. When I was watching it, I was thinking “this seems like it’s gonna be a sappy, feel-good family comedy”. I couldn’t be more wrong about it.

            Come to think of it, this is kind of a trend with Michael Schur shows. The Office and Parks both had mediocre first seasons, then picked up a lot after that. Good thing about this show is that it picks up midway through the first season, hits its peak during the last couple of eps, and then maintains that quality throughout the second season.

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