Earth Event – Kuwait

This Earth Event was held at the end of April but I just found about this video and decided it was still worth sharing. The event was organized by Khaled al Hamed and based on the video it looked very interesting. [YouTube]

Thanks Sarah

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I will save my last LSD tab for next years event. been holding on to it for quite a while, and this looks like an event worth the “while”

I wonder how much waste and pollution is created to organized that event. The irony.
Seems pretty cool tho.

As for Pollution:
The event was indoors and all material used were natural, which also includes Energy Sufficient lights LED’s (less energy usage than half-a-day of an average household)

As for waste:
90% material used was either recycled or reused after the event, and ALL material used during the event was recyclable.

So as you see, there is no irony.

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