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Jaber Al-Ahmad Olympic City in 3D

The concept consists of a plan in the shape of infinity, around the existing Jaber Stadium and a new man-made lake on which will float three Olympic sized stadia. Contained within the main superstructure are another Olympic stadium, a five star hotel and a shopping centre. The tower, working within the long tradition of Kuwaiti tower-based architectural icons, contains a seven star hotel as well as luxury apartments, VIP suites for the stadium, and a Michelin star restaurant with extraordinary views. [Source]

I’m guessing the project was never approved since the last I heard of this was back in 2011. [Vimeo]

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The stadium has faults. Thank god its not a city.

Man made lake full of trash, nice place for a stroll.
Badly planned roads into and out of the olympic city.
Wonder if a Michelin star restaurant will be a posh burger shop.
How many fast food joints will be there?

The Sheikh Jaber Stadium parking area is now used by kids to drift their Datsuns and Caprices. I’ve even seen one car burst into flames as I was driving by on my way to Ardiya.

Ali where have you been living for the past few decades. You’ll et far less disappointed with a realistic pessimistic view than being a utopian optimist.

Just a reminder that 5 Star status for hotels is bestowed as an honor upon that property by Michelin . Marketing “a five-star hotel” before you create the building is false advertising.

If the government wants to develop this nation, then the approval phase of key projects needs to move out of the Parliament approval phase. The government could create a development committe that approves key projects like this one, the airport and the metro etc. Thats IF it is not be cancelled on purpose……….

The failed to build the stadium properly. Now with a useless stadium, what will be the point of the city?

Really ? You have no idea what the point of the city is !!!

Where will new junk food joints open 🙂

Does everything need to be luxury luxury luxury? cant the kuwaitis learn something from Europe and America?

The proposed location of this Olympic City is in Jaber Al-Ahmad RESIDENTIAL City – which is near Doha. Has nothing to do with the current Jaber Al-Ahmad Stadium in Ardyia.

You can see the location on the map at the start of the video 🙂

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