Event: The Shift

Post by Mark

Tonight there will be a discussion panel “Exploring a cultural shift” followed by the launch of youraok.net, a new creative networking platform. If you’re interested here are the details:

Date: Tuesday May 28, 2013
Time: 6:30PM
Location: Al Hamra Tower Skylounge on the 55th floor

Seats are limited.

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  1. Wishbone says:

    Being a pessimistic realist. So something (I don’t know what) is happening somewhere (that tall building) with a same day heads up …

    I checked the website it looks nice and thats it. Doesn’t seem there was sufficient planning on making it “practical” …

    Ok someone will go check it out and say I’m a fail at my post so let me clarify for the IQ savvy:

    Today: Ooooo website looks real nice

    After a month: Wow its picking up they got people from (insert country) providing (insert service, no not that type you perv) service

    After a year (if they succeed): How the hell can I find (insert service or item) out of the 5000 they have …. No way I’m browsing through 250 pages.

    So there thats the problem. Like 99% of things that happen locally, there is poor communication skills, websites included. They needs to head to Craigs list to understand simplicity works.

  2. Nunya says:

    Ah, how Kuwait; a notice of something on the same day.
    It’s up there with “Oh we’re having this fantastic thing at the (Insert Country here) Embassy and all are welcome!!”
    So you rock up and the guards say, “Have you registered with the embassy for today?”
    “Huh? No, I thought it was an open event, plus there was no mention of this in the notice. Okay how do I register so I can get in?”
    “Oh you have to do this at least a week before the event.”
    “But the notice was put out a couple of days ago!”
    “Sorry Sir.”
    Pack the complaining & disappointed family back in the car and drive all the way back home, a little wiser of the workings of how things are in Kuwait…

    Sorry people, I know Mark just put it out as a oh-by-the-way, it just gave me a flashback… : )

  3. George Thomas says:

    Dear Wishbone,

    I’m not sure what this event was about, but I have taken a look at this website. It seems to be an honest effort & start for a new concept. I think you need to tone it down on the pessimistic rants to ever see your country move forward.

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