Armenian Food in Beirut

Post by Mark

If you’re ever in Lebanon you need to pass by a small restaurant called Onno. It’s located in an area I love called Burj Hammoud which is the “Little Armenia” of Lebanon. The area is a must visit destination in any case and this tiny restaurant should be even more reason for you to go there. I found out about the restaurant from an Anthony Bourdain episode and since I had a friend visiting Lebanon we decided to pass by and try it together. The small family run restaurant serves delicious Armenian dishes at very reasonable prices with my favorite dishes being the “kebe adas” and the “basterma with quail eggs”. You can watch the Anthony Bourdain episode on Lebanon below which features the restaurant at the start and here is a link to their [Facebook Page]


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  1. Ahmed says:

    “Onno”?,sounds like, “Oh No” and thats not a good name for a restaurant :P

  2. Maze says:

    Omg i am drooling i must visit it soon!

  3. stu says:

    Torino Express!

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