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Post by Mark

A friend of mine is opening up a very cool store next week called Good Game. The store will carry tabletop, board, war and card games like Warhammer 40,000, Magic: The Gathering, A Game of Thrones, Settlers of Catan and Lord of the Rings the Living Card Game. They also have space in case you want to play any of the games in the store as well as accessories like paint and various gaming components. The store which was designed by a very talented friend of mine (Nesef Al Nesef) looks ridiculously cool as well.

The store opens this coming Monday and will be located in Sanabil Tower (opposite Souq Sharq) on M2. Their phone number is 22397548 and you can also check them out on the following links:


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  1. nYx says:

    Nesef Al Nesef if you’re reading this, you just DEBUNKED the monopolistic theory that only deep pocket Kuwaiti’s in flashy malls can deliver good meaningful results!

    Can this possibly be the beginning of young Kuwaiti’s teading down the un beaten path and steering clear of cup cakes and burgers? I say it is!
    All the very best.

  2. praetorius says:

    Magic: The Gathering….. ah the memories :-)

  3. del says:

    not related to the post but when I try to access 248am on my mobile using the Opera web browser, I get a warning page stating that the website you are trying to visit is suspected of distributing malicious material et cet era from some inteenet security company. just a heads up because you’ve never distributed files. Maybe one of the ads is at fault.

  4. yoo says:

    You should include yugioh!

  5. Chris says:

    Gaahh missed first blood.. GG

    Nice design :)

  6. Andy says:

    I, for one, am well pleased at this development.

    I have 500-700 board games here in Kuwait and MrBabu is good but VERY expensive. Looking forward to seeing what they have to offer from an old skool wargamer.

  7. Kuwait says:

    Alf Mabrook to the owners/partners/designers.

    So glad to see something other than a burger place opening up, eventhough I’m a crazy foodie and a huge burger-lover.

  8. Khaled says:

    From a business point of view is this profitable? No idea about the board game scene in Kuwait, but as I’m looking around myself for commercial space, the prices in Kuwait City are quite high and as the new towers seem to range between KD 17-40 per square meter, just wondering how much turnover Good Game is going to reach on a daily basis to beat the cost of rent. Let alone if they had to pay key money (I hope they didn’t, I hate the concept). Regardless, all the best, love that entrepreneurs are looking beyond cupcakes and being so called “fashion/interior designers”.

    • aseel says:

      hello party pooper.

      • Khaled says:

        Hahaha, I knew it would come across like that. I’m not trying to put it down, I’m asking honestly because these are things that I’m facing.
        For example, you can afford the rent in X tower, but you need to ensure that you reach so many sales a day in order to cover your costs, but looking at X tower’s average footfall that doesn’t seem realistic.
        I’m asking because I don’t know what the footfall is like at Babtain Tower.

        • Kuwait says:

          Khaled has a point.

          In the end, let’s all just open up a Burger Place, fatten our crowd and make monies.

          • Ahmad says:

            17-40 is the 6’ra6 you get :P

            Actual rent prices are 5.5-14 max for normal area’s, luxurious shit usually reach 25 max, and im talking al hamra top floors which they claim they rent for 40-50…

        • praetorius says:

          that’s called feasibility study :-)

          well, i hope they did their assignments and calculated accurately, besides, expect a much higher price for these games anyway.

      • 7th says:

        No need to get overly defensive. He raised some good questions and you might not be interested in the answers but others are.

  9. Wishbone says:

    I sincerely hope it succeeds … Really … I do … Maybe some kids learn to get off their fat lazy behinds (I’m politically correct :) ) and try out these board games.

    Nesef if yer reading this consider free group vouchers being given out at private schools. Maybe get school vs school challenges going …

  10. Ahmed says:

    Before video games, Board Games were the only source of entertainment.

  11. aaa says:

    This is actually really cool. BUT there are places in Rehab where people already gather and play some of these card games (I think yugioh mainly). Dunno if they’re still there. I haven’t played Magic in years but I kind of want to buy a booster just to see what I get.

  12. Andy says:

    Most boardgame stores in the US and UK survive by selling Magic and other similar collectible card games. Also good if you can sell paints, hobby knives, etc to the modelling crowd. This helps to fund the boardgame section of the store.

    We aren’t talking chess, monopoly, risk here. We are talking some fairly complex strategy games that have a strong narrative element.

  13. teenum says:

    if only someone could come up with a group where people could share their board games and then call other people to play together maybe on a beach or somewhere like a social gathering. would be amazing.

    or come up with a restaurant/cafe where people could play and eat at the same time. it would be a nice concept.

    • The Real Burhan says:

      You can play and eat at Java Detour, they have a bunch of board games available.

      How do I know this? Google Developer’s Group meets there and we use the game boxes to prop up our portable projector (as no one seems to use the games). But hey, they are there.

  14. The real says:

    Reality is board games are a very small niche group of people. To make it a fundamentally sound business – owner should already have a strong network of connections and market within the relevent communities – else overheards and operational costs will be unsustainable in the long run.

  15. Crowsy says:

    Another way of profit to the store is by hosting events, each event for a certain day, fees to enter the event and contestants should buy boosters to form their own deck .. That’s how card/board game specialised stores profit here in Melbourne.

  16. RobW says:

    This is good news. If they start stocking the Games Workshop models and paints, I might get back into the model-painting as hobby.

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