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Post by Mark

A few days back an Instagram user going by the handle @aymanalruwayeh posted a picture of the beach near Shuwaikh showing how dirty it was. Someone from NBK ended up seeing that picture and decided to gather up some volunteers from the bank and go clean up the beach. Pretty cool initiative.

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  1. dougmacho says:

    they should just let the prisoners clean up the garbage.

    • lolguy says:

      How about those who actually cause the mess being made to clean it up? Clean as you go.

      • Wishbone says:

        Although I whole heartedly agree the chance this would work is slim.

        First you are implying those who made a mess aren’t lazy .. Highly doubtful and if you were to lead them you’ll get so mad you’ll clean it yourself.

        Secondly you are implying they might have some intelligence. If they were then they would also know being dirty just means more diseases and glass cutting the feet of children running on the beach.

        Thirdly would you risk the cleanliness of the beach in the hands of idiots who originally caused it ?

        Fourthly if you made em clean the beach where would the volunteers go :p

  2. me says:

    I remember your post about Jumeirah Beach Park. Thanks to you I decided to visit it when I was in Dubai last weekend, and the cleanliness there is amazing.
    Perhaps with more activities like this one, our beaches would become just as clean and beautiful.

  3. 123kdd says:

    The japanese embassy in Kuwait are doing this since the year 2000. “Operation Turtles” could use some exposure

  4. I really hate keeping long nick names says:

    give it another few weeks and its gonna be dirty again!

  5. Beejay says:

    its all about education and mentality.

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