Fury vs Ngannou in Riyadh

Back in February I drove down to Riyadh to watch the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight and I had a blast. I thought I posted about my experience but seems like I didn’t for some reason. It was such a well put together event and I ended up getting really great VIP seats for not so much money. It also gave me access to the premium hospitality area where there was lots of food, a terrace to watch the fights from if I wanted to but it also allowed me to be up close to the fighters during their walkouts. The fights were great, the venue was great, everything about that trip was perfect.

A few days ago Tyson Fury, the world heavyweight champion announced that he will be boxing UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou this coming October in Riyadh. I’m assuming it’s going to be held in the same open air venue as the Jake Paul fight and I’m 100% going to try and get tickets for this fight once they go on sale.

If you want a great experience this October, as I said last time, Riyadh is just a short 6-hour drive down. My VIP ticket last time cost me 60KD and it was really really worth it but tickets last time started from just 15KD. Tickets aren’t on sale yet but I’ll repost once they are.

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Saudi is at the forefront of all sports & entertainment in the region. They are now the big boys. Hats off to them for having the forward thinking vision.
Im still in shock though but its good to see the huge shift. UAE has fallen to 2nd place by far while rest of the GCC is asleep. Qatar has the financial capability but wont pull the trigger. Ive tried with them several times.
Everybody should be investing in Saudi with almost 40 million residents thats alot of spending power.

Like they say every dog has its day. For now it’s Riyadh’s turn to razzle & dazzle. For far too long they have been famished for choices or even a life. Good on them.

The pace at which they are going, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if they hosted the next Miss Universe beauty pageant in Al Ula or Jidda with only the swim wear segment getting outsourced to Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

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