Kuwait Towers without the LED Mesh

Not sure if anyone noticed but the LED mesh around the Kuwait Towers has been replaced with solid green and red colored lights now. Back in 2015 when they first installed the LED mesh I suggested they should be kept permanently since it gave a Blade Runner look. But I take that back now, I think I prefer it without the wraparound screens but I wish they go back to the way things were originally with just a simple neutral light instead of the red and green.

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You can clearly see the LED mesh is still there on both towers.

(This is just what my eyes see, if you have a different opinion I respect that, just don’t bite my head off or throw an F bomb).

The light display when they first put up the mesh was strangely beautiful and kind of mesmerizing and trippy.

Then – as usual – something went wrong along the way and it started looking really cheap and embarrassing.

Glad it’s gone but you’re right, simple warm white lighting would be best. Leave the colors for National Day

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