Russell Peters Coming Back to Kuwait

Russell Peters, the popular comedian and actor will be coming to Kuwait next month for a one-night comedy event. The last time Russell Peters was in Kuwait was back in 2016 and he performed to a sold-out crowd. The tickets have still not gone on sale and as of right now, there is no information on where the event will take place. Once the info is out and tickets go on sale I’ll post the details up on the events page.

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It’s going to be expensive in Kuwait. He’s doing four shows in India and the prices there start from 7KD and the front row seats are 25-40KD.

Hopefully, the govt authorities don’t put a stop to the show like the always kill every event happening in Kuwait.

the irony would be just after the penance from the holy month of ramadan, Kuwait will have the most racist man on earth destroy the sanctity of the audience.. ahahaha it will be epic.. rofl

6th june he is performing in UAE and onine booking tickets available on official website. but why not kuwait?

Just not worth it anymore. There are better stand up comedians that Russel Peters – all he talks about is his Indian upbringing in a sarcastic way or anything else for that matter !

When weren’t there better stand up comedians than Russel Peters? Nobody is calling him the best comedian. And yeah he talks about his Indian culture, that makes sense, he’s Indian and he finds a lot of things in his culture and upbringing funny and worth sharing. It’s like you’re saying Ferraris are crappy cars because they’re fast, yeah they’re fast thats what makes them great to a lot of people but maybe for your needs you need a minivan. Doesn’t mean Ferrari is crap…

Half of Peters material is his audience which makes each show he present different. Peters is one of the best when it comes to improvising jokes on the fly. tbh its a matter of taste at the end of the day since I enjoy his material even when I hear it for the tenth time! He’s a classic act to me.

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