Kuwait has 2nd Worst Airport and 3rd Worst Airline in the World

The 2019 annual airline and airport ratings from AirHelp was released last week. Both Kuwait Airways and the Kuwait Airport scored extremely poorly on their list. Kuwait Airport was ranked as the second worst airport in the world, while Kuwait Airways ranked as the third worst airline.

AirHelp is an organization that specializes in air traveler rights. Their airline’s score is based off which airlines offer the best service, flies on time, and how they treat passengers if problems occur. The AirHelp airport’s score is based on punctuality, service quality and the food and shops options. Below are the top 10 lists for best and worst in each category:

Best Airlines of 2019
10. Emirates
9. Austrian Airlines
8. Luxair
7. WestJet
6. LATAM Airlines
5. Qantas
4. SAS Scandinavian Airlines
3. Aeromexico
2. American Airlines
1. Qatar Airways

Worst Airlines of 2019
10. Adria Airways
9. Aerolineas Argentinas
8. Transavia
7. Laudamotion
6. Norwegian
5. Ryanair
4. Korean Air
3. Kuwait Airways
2. EasyJet
1. Thomas Cook Airlines

Here is a link to the full list.

Best Airports of 2019
10. Viracopos/Campinas International Airport, Brazil
9. Tenerife North Airport, Spain
8. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, India
7. Changi Airport Singapore, Singapore
6. Sheremetyevo International Airport, Russia
5. Gdansk Lech Wałęsa Airport, Poland
4. Afonso Pena International Airport, Brazil
3. Athens International Airport, Greece
2. Tokyo International Airport, Japan
1. Hamad International Airport, Qatar

Worst Airports of 2019
10. London Gatwick Airport, United Kingdom
9. Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Canada
8. Porto Airport, Portugal
7. Paris Orly Airport, France
6. Manchester Airport, United Kingdom
5. Malta International Airport, Malta
4. Henri Coanda International Airport, Romania
3. Eindhoven Airport, Netherlands
2. Kuwait International Airport, Kuwait
1. Lisbon Portela Airport, Portugal

Here is a link to the full list.

I’ve already mentioned this before but I think it’s pretty harsh having our airport and airline rank that bad. Yeah, they’re not great but I wouldn’t consider them the worst in the world. On the other hand, Qatar Airways and Qatar’s airport both came in first place on both lists. This I can agree on.

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There is no way Kuwait Airways can be that bad. I have travelled with them many times in the last few years and I have never faced any issues at all, barely any major flight delays, and never had a fight cancelled. I have been on their A320, A330, and B777, and all are excellent planes with pretty good staff and service. Something about this list feels weird

And the idea that Changi Airport comes in at 7th? That is very weird, because I have been to both Changi and Tokyo International (Haneda), and Changi is really something else (No disrespect to Tokyo it is also good)

Yeah I’ve flown with them now a few times now and they weren’t bad at all. But, based on the score in AirHelp it seems they scored really low when it came to customer service when something goes wrong.

Yeah i can totally understand why they scored low in terms of customer service. Once when i was flying with them, a passenger in front of me was struggling to keep her hand baggage in the overhead bin and the crew member just stood there and watched. She didn’t budge from her place.

I don’t know what exactly happened on the flight, but what I can say is that we are not allowed to lift up passengers’ bags, eventually to push the bag once it is in the overhead bin. Google it, you’ll find many articles about that topic.

It may be standard procedure as per the regulations but in my experience there’s never been a single time where the cabin crew have not helped a passenger keep their bags in the overhead bin if they are struggling with it. I just travelled twice by Kuwait Airways so don’t have much experience with there regulations. Though my experiences were terrible enough to stop using them.

This report seems like nonsense to me. Kuwait Airways has improved significantly and Ive consistantly had amazing and smooth experiences with them, other people will say likewise. The airport on the other hand, is poor but they are working on it and im sure it will be a great one.
Also surprised that Changi Airport didnt come in atleast in the top 3 best. Their airport is like a city by itself and even if you have a long transit you wont be disapppointed because their services and facilities keep you comfortable. Wasnt it always considered the ideal model for airports around the world?

I agree on the Changi aspect. It debunks this ratings site. Sounds like a site where Priscilla and her 40,000 sisters voted when they were bored

One needs to take care of these “ratings” as it takes just a few disgruntled feedbacks to skewer the figures. And anyway, who the heck is “Airhelp” to suddenly be an authority on airlines and airports?

Personally, I prefer Kuwait Airways (KU) over say, British Airways when travelling between the UK and Kuwait. KU has better aeroplanes, scheduling, weight allowance and ticket prices also.

Really impressed with Turkish Airlines also, just wish they did not have the stopover in Istanbul.

In my opinion, Qatar Airways is way too overly rated, and what’s so special about Hamad International Airport. It’s mostly in the opposite direction of my travel also!!

It doesn’t take a few disgruntled feedbacks to drop it down from first to last place. Obviously these scores are based on more than 10 upset people.

But, whats more annoying is your comment on Hamad International Airport. Whats so special? Where do I begin? Visually its one of the most beautiful airports anywhere (i think its the most beautiful), it’s super clean, super organized, their various lounges are incredible, they have a pool, lots of food options, and the service is great.

Just because the airport is in the opposite direction of YOUR travel doesn’t mean it should be ranked the worst.

Easy there.

You said, “Obviously these scores are based on more than 10 upset people.” Obviously?? How do you know that? How did “Airhelp”, the compensation company, carry out its “survey”? What were the numbers of people that participated, scope and reach, questions asked etc? Or did it just delve into its data from its customers who had filed a comp claim?

Separately, beauty as you know, is in the eye of the beholder, and you may certainly find Hamad Internation “the most beautiful airport”, however, I certainly do not. There are so many others that fit the description “beautiful”, Singapore Chengi to name one.

Btw, Hamad International being in the opposite direction to my travel was a joke…

Who the hell is Airhelp, I hear you ask?

It’s a site that helps you get compensation for flight delays and/or cancellations, and also lost luggage

That’s it. Make of that what you will

Kuwait airways with their new fleet has been great long haul to JFK and even short haul to DXB as been pleasant. The pitch is very good in economy. I think they are getting there but need to hire better staff nonetheless.

I wont question Kuwait airport ranking one bit. I have been to better airports in third world asian countries with regard to cleanliness, staff cooperation and service than KWI.

That is complete bullshit. I love airline videos and there is noway in hell that Korean air and Norwegian are that low. I flew on BA between Kuwait and London, it was filthy there was actual mould in the ceiling not to mention the engines refused to start after 1 and a half hours worth of attempts. The flight attendant was more than happy to tell me “not to tell him how to do his job” when I told him there should have been more food, they ran out of beef and chicken half way through economy class and even ran out of food when they reached me. Seats were crap (especially business class ones). Norwegian is regularly said to be one of the best airlines so is Korean air. Kuwait airlines is definitely a lot better than most airlines considering how incredible the pilots are, a pretty good app, amazing food (large portions too) and really good legroom. Only issues I have with Kuwait airlines are the athan before the flight, unappealing entertainment system.

I totally agree with everything you said. BA is awesome from Dubai. They’ve put the shitty plane and staff from here. Luckily I travel with their partner Qatar instead now. I have to add on the Kuwait airways feedback, their customer service sucks. Nothing surprising considering these are entitled govt emps

Been a while since I travelled all over the world but when I did, Qatar and emirates were great as was Qatar airport. Was also a big fan of Dubai and Bangkok airport.

Living in Europe at the moment so travel a few times a year on Ryanair who I think come in for undeserved criticism. We also use Wizzair quite a bit who are very good.

I never flew with Qatar airways but I travelled through Kuwait airport several times android it’s definitely the worst airport I ever been to.

I think the biggest issue with Kuwait’s airport is passport control. It’s a total mess, every time and I think the airport staff are extremely unfriendly and just a total mess. I think this will eventually continue over into the new terminal. But as an airport I think the Beirut airport is a lot worse, including their passport control, duty free and lack of any decent restaurants or food.

I also think Bahrain’s airport is worse than the Kuwait one in terms of the duty free area and places to sit and cleanliness of bathrooms for example. But Bahrain airport have great lounges and their passport control area is never chaotic and the staff everywhere is always friendly.

I have been to Malta airport, I believe its worst than Kuwait airport. But I agree if its customer service complains so yes Kuwait airport should be ranked even 1, due to the slow services, not organized and facilities. Hopefully the new Kuwait airport will be something makes us more happy and satisfied

Immigration welcoming you to Kuwait with racism is enough to rank the airport on the worst airports list other than contantly changing gates without informing passengers or displaying it on the screens.
While for Kuwait Airways I disagree! Their services are really good lately and it should’nt be put on that list. The new cabin crew are friendly and kind not like earlier and the amount you pay for first/business class compared to other airlines is a bargain!

With all the changes the Airport and Airline is making, I hope we don’t make it to this next list next year.

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