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Kuwait International Book Fair is Coming Back

After taking a break for a couple of years because of covid, the Kuwait International Book Fair is going to take place again this month.

The 45th book fair will be taking place at the Kuwait International Fairground from November 16th to the 26th in halls 5, 6, 7 and 7B. Link

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If I’m not wrong it’s not. I believe they just rephrased the law to make it not possible to “pre-ban” books or something within those lines.

The new procedure for book censorship is much more rational and lenient. Similar to GCC countries like UAE and Bahrain. The new rules mean importers and publishers only have to provide the Ministry of Information with book titles and author names, with the importer alone bearing responsibility for the book’s contents. Only an official complaint from the public will spark legal action against a book, with a ban only to be implemented by the courts (rather than the Ministry of Information). It puts an end to the mandate of the book censorship committee at the Ministry of Information, which implemented a hardline interpretation similar to ISIS and Al Qaeda. The courts are much more neutral and objective. They follow the law rather than the whims of extremists.

The winds of change sweeping across the Arabian peninsula have finally made their way into Kuwait, it is to be hoped.

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