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Battle of the Chicken Tikkas

Every time I post about Khyber, I get comments about other places with supposedly better tikka, the two most popular ones being White Rose and Paratha King. So, I decided it was time to give them a ranking:

First Place: Paratha King ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Second Place: Khyber ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Third Place: White Rose ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Paratha King


White Rose

It’s really close between Khyber and Paratha King but based on the overall experience, I think I’d lean towards Paratha King more. Paratha King has a better-tasting tikka but Khyber’s location is a nicer experience. The seasoning and marination of both tikkas are very different with Paratha King having a more thicker coating while Khyber doesn’t which is why some people might think Khyber’s tikka is drier (it isn’t).

With White Rose, I think it’s just overhyped. Under every tikka post I usually get a few comments saying I should try White Rose and that White Rose has the best tikka. I don’t think it does. Of the three places listed here, I find the White Rose tikka the least flavorful. Their location is also not great so the dining experience isn’t very appealing either.

Pricewise, Khyber and Paratha King are similar and White Rose is the cheapest.

Paratha King: 1.000 KD per piece
Khyber: 1.000 KD per piece
White Rose: 0.900 KD per piece

If you want to check the places out, here are their locations on Google Maps:

Khyber Location
Paratha King Location
White Rose Location

There is one more place I need to try (I think) and that’s White House. If there is any other place that has good tikka let me know in the comments, if there are enough places I might have a part 2 battle.

Update: After visiting Paratha King for a second time I decided to update the review and ranking and give Paratha first place.

40 replies on “Battle of the Chicken Tikkas”

Nice to see this coverage on a Sunday morning, took me by surprise!
These locations (Paratha King and White Rose) are in close proximity to where I live, basically walking distance except for White House (maybe during the winters).
I don’t order from Paratha King or White Rose (Lamb chops yes previously pre-Covid).
I usually order Biryanis, gravies, parathas, rotis, Chinese dishes from White House and it’s 90% consistent, same goes for the Chicken Tikka, Tandoori even.
Give it a try and let us know of your opinion!

Youd be surprised at how good the Indian Chinese is from Paratha King, even the mughlai.

Even the newly opened Himalyan house is pretty good at the indian chinese scene.

No i do not work for paratha king, simply a fanboy fanboying.

To each his own!
Tbh I ordered a couple of times from Paratha King previously (pre-Covid), and the food was hit-and-miss, so gave it a skip thereafter.

With Himalayan House, I have tried a curry or two, noodles and a Biryani even, nothing to write home about. But their Momos are SUPERRRR!!

Totally second the Momo shootout

@Navin, try the Thukpa from Himalyan house, traditional nepali chicken noodle soup, best had on a cold day or on a day when you are sick.

Try Khyber Chicken Tikka one of the best in town serving since 1975 … the flavours aunthentic love the ambience lovely …. A must visit place with Family and friends …tikka with poori and dal makhani is MASHALLAH….

white rose used to be good – but not any more, but you definitely need to visit white house!!! its way better than white rose.

hAHA Told you Paratha King is goooood.

Khyber hands down has the best taste, but either their chef or the chicken is moody, since some days it does not make it to the benchmark.

Will try Paratha King to see if they have anything better to offer. Khyber Tikka is bland to me but I guess that’s how it is devoured! Consistency is a big problem at least with Indian Restaurants.

There is Welcome Restaurant in Fahaheel and opposite to it is Mumbai Zaiqa with fierce competition between the two. Both are a must try

Oh Paratha King is still in business? It looks dead from the looks of it. Also, their main waiter is always in a bad mood/ PMSing so it makes the experience a little drab

I wanted to try White Rose last Thursday but I thought that it was closed because of the blacked out windows.

You should try the Chicken Kandari (spicy grilled chicken) at Haya Restaurant in Salmiya Block 10. It’s a spicy, slightly indianized version of Dajaj Faham, but it tastes amazing! The prices are great too you can get a full chicken for just KD 2.500 which is a steal.

Tourist restaurant in its prime would also do decent tikka but I think they went rapidly downhill after the liberation.

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