Khyber Chicken Tikka has Moved to Hawalli

This isn’t really “new” news but Khyber, one of the oldest Indian restaurants and the best chicken tikka restaurant in Kuwait closed down their Kuwait City location earlier this year and moved to Hawalli. I hadn’t gone back since covid so was surprised when I got to their city location to find a sign saying they moved.

The new location isn’t really as cozy or charming looking as their old city location, but the food is still the same and their spicy tikka still is the best.

If you’ve never had their chicken tikka you should definitely try them out. As an added bonus their new location is right next door to the kunafa place Nafeeseh so you can also pass by afterwards for dessert. Khyber is open from 11AM to 11PM and here is their location on Google Maps.

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It’s funny you’ve put this up
Went to Khyber yesterday and took pictures as I was just as fascinated
True that, their chicken tikka tastes just as good 👍
I like the new set up tho. It’s a cosier place
Prices are ridiculously high tho, remember Khyber being a cheap and tasty place

The new location of khyber not as cozy as the old but the spicy chicken Tikka of khyber is still the best in kuwait…My fav ❤️❤️

Wow!! 100 percent didn’t expect you to know such secret taste treasure troves!! White rose ribs FTW.

Why? Cause he’s not Indian?

“Wow! White people know things about us! White people know things about us!” – Andrew Schulz imitating a brown guy having a seizure when Schulz said to him “wa alaikum al salaam brother”

which is next to where you live.

I’ve had so many experiences like this with Indian people though where the minute I speak to them in Hindi or know something very Indian like the chief ministers of each state, they get a look of shock in their eyes as if I unlocked the secrets of the universe.

Chill guys, it’s just chicken. And Kuwait used to have a really strong relationship with India, why wouldn’t some Kuwaitis know how to speak Hindi?

My bowel movements are fine on account of the fact that I take Tulsi and Ashwagandha pills.

“Wow! 100 percent didn’t think an Arab would know those!!”

Dear Human(please don’t get offended, I’m not judging or labeling, just addressing). If you closely observe my reply to Mark, I have mentioned ‘secret treasure troves’ which implies that this restaurant is not a mainstream place that everyone goes to( the cause for surprise). I trust he understood it, which is why he replied my comment is not race related. Appreciate you looking out for his feelings, but he probably can take care of himself.

Now coming back to dear human(again not judging) , using tulsi is very good for you. However , what’s not good is being so ‘in the feels’ by what others might be thinking or saying about you. India has more to offer than just tulsi and Bollywood. Look it up, The art of zen is something that might be useful to you. Take it easy!

Just because you know a lot about indian culture or watch a lot of bollywood movies, that does not mean you can just blurt out your random assumptions, I think i speak for most indians when i say we are delighted to know when someone takes interest in our culture, music, food or be it anything Indian, It is shocking because you are probably 1 out of 1000 who knows something.

Also No one gives a rats ass if you went to more indian states or not, stop over gloryfying yourself

So chill bro, and Namaste.

Of course, White rose was the ultimate once upon a time, however multiple management and cook changes has resulted in really greasy and oil leaking chicken tikka experience.

It was good, but not anymore.

Guys chill they increased their tikka price by just 150 fils. It used to be 850fils and they made it 1KD which is fine considering inflation, new location etc..

I too went to the old place like 2 months ago and found out they were closed. Found the new location and it was as you said not as cozy as the old place. The new place though was quite nice actually. I guess they went with the times and upgraded.

Was however thoroughly disappointed that the Tikka was not what I had always known it to be. The Tikka was not as yummy and juicy as it used to be; matter of fact it was pretty dry and the poori was super dry. So if the owners are reading this. Here are my 2 cents.. love the new place; the location is also convenient for me since I don’t have to drive all the way into the city, but please get the old cook back because today’s Tikka is missing the old zing that it used to have.

White rose has got some best Chicken tikka in salmiya. It is 900 fils per pc. best bread to go is “Poori”

I second that, White rose has the best Chicken Tikka in Kuwait, the price is not 900 fils any more it is 1kd now…

If Khyber Chicken Tikka tastes exactly what it did 20+ years back, I will give it a pass; never liked it then ‎and never will. I have ‎been ordering from White Rose ever since they opened up in Salmiya and they’re ‎damn good! Not sure ‎what changes others are commenting about, but for us it has been the #1 place for ‎Chicken Thighs, Boneless Chicken, & Mixed Grill. Yes, dining may ‎not be a good choice since it’s just a ‎basic setting but having a takeaway order for a grilled dish is an ‎inexcusable sin.‎ Just let them know how ‎spicy your order should be and you will soon know why this small restaurant is so popular especially ‎during the weekends.‎

No kidding! Awesome news! They dont deliver they take ages to get your order ready but dammit that tikka is worth it. They’re closer now awesome news. Thanks for sharing!

Dilip Kumar in Kuwait. Wow!
Kuwait and India have not just strong ties in trade and commerce but in theatre, film and art too.
Ebrahim Al Kazi who was chief of National School of Drama (NSD) in Delhi was half Kuwaiti and I believe was resident in Kuwait before he moved to Delhi. Similarly, the Indophile and film aficionado- Ali Behbehani with his vast knowledge of Hindi cinema would on any given day put many of his Indian contemporaries to shame.
On Chicken – the only chicken I used to truly relish is the Chicken Tikka from near Shamiya Coop. Chicken Tikka near TSC, Salmeya was also good. Nutrition wise, Chicken done the tikka way is vastly superior to chicken curry and that’s that.

Right now I am 3500 KM away from Kuwait city and craving for their Chicken Tikka and Dal Makhani. Plus the impressive take-off seen of Pigeons in front of Khyber on my way back to work!!!!

The Khyber in Kuwait City I believe is no distant cousin of the legendary Khyber restaurant of Kalaghoda fame in Mumbai although it may be just as good….have no way of telling since I haven’t been to Khyber in Kwt. In terms of the decor and interior (judging by the photograph) the two couldn’t be further apart. We are talking chalk and cheese here.
If you are ever in Mumbai and are a fan of North Western cuisine then you must try the Khyber this side of the Gulf. Besides the “food relish quotient”, you might just bump into someone you already know- it is very popular with Kuwaiti royals and Sir Paul & Stella McCartney who come visiting ‘Bombay’, as some people still like calling it.

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