Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Post by Mark

A good amount of events are taking place this weekend, check them all out below:

Exhibition: Third Identity
Exhibition: Byproducts of Development
Concert: Al Hassan Brothers
Concert: Yanni
The Community Table Presents: Việt Nam
Dual Bowls Launch Party

Exhibition: Dual Bowls
Hatha Yoga in the Park
Good Game: Magic – The Gathering
Concert: Yanni
Art & Burgers with Elevation
Salwa’ Walk and Socialize Meetup
The Community Table Presents: Việt Nam

Exhibition: Dual Bowls
Yoga with the 3
Guided Tour: Arab Organization Headquarters
Caravan Market
Shakshooka Market: End of Season
Q8 Readers Book Club: Kafka on the Shore
The Community Table Presents: Việt Nam
The Divan’s JamJam: Bringing Back The 90s
Movie Night at Masaha 13: Dianosour

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Sometimes events get canceled or have details changed so always double check with the organizers.

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  1. Kuwait says:

    Are you going for Yanni’s concert?

    • Mark says:

      fuck no! oh my god I’d rather go to a Bieber concert than a yanni one. back in the early 90s my dad bought a VCR that could play the VHS Hi-Fi format (look it up) and one of the first demo tapes he got for it was Yanni Live at the Acropolis. He used to play it all the fucking time, I’m still traumatized by it.

      • Kuwait says:


        Dude your dad has an awesome choice in music 🕺🏻 At least can you get me tickets? I want to send my parents ☹️

  2. Mark, remember to check out COMFEST during this coming weekend from 27th to 29th at Kuwait International Fairgrounds Hall 4A.

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