Adidas Torsion

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Adidas Torsion

Still haven’t decided if I like these or not. [Link]

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  1. noonie says:

    lool mm I think I like em!!;)

  2. Marzouq says:

    You and your shoes! hahaha

  3. Giggles says:

    Ahhhhhh… Not

  4. buYousef says:

    If it’s taking you long, you probably don’t :)

    I think they’re horrible.

  5. Gemini says:

    not! so many colors!

  6. Pure says:

    it is not that bad, but honestly i liked the ones u posted about before more ; )

  7. AK says:

    I’m into funky shoes n all, and i have my fair share of them… but those are beyond ugly.

    if you’re considering getting those you should buy a pink tutu dress to wear with them — that’s the only way i can see you pulling them off.

  8. moose says:

    ugly! :D

  9. buYousef, 7adik moo il sneaker freaker type. anyhoo, marko mooooot 7arra im in paris and just got the most amazing pink red and white BAPEs, as in A Bathing Ape, and silver-gold Y-3 side-stripe high-tops! :D

  10. Bu Yousef says:

    What do you mean??
    Actually you’re right :) Enjoy Paris.

  11. Teeman says:

    hmm… these seem like nice shoes but they have this thing that u want to buy them but regret thinking of buuying them because u might actually regret buying them …..they look cool yet retarded in someway

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