Bloomingdale’s Opening Tomorrow

Post by Mark

Bloomingdale’s are soft opening their first store tomorrow (Thursday, March 9) at 360 Mall. They were originally planning to open up early last month but due to technical issues, things got delayed. There isn’t any information on the Bloomingdale’s instagram account but you can follow the hashtag #bloomingdaleskuwait on instagram for updates.

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  1. The Other Ahmed says:

    What time will they open?

  2. Buzz says:

    On a minor note. I know the Arabic logo is trying to emulate the English one, but it looks like gibberish to me. It took me a couple of seconds to see what it says. If I saw it alone, it would probably take me more than two seconds to figure out what it says.

  3. razoug says:

    i was so disappointing when found out it was women only… i was waiting for it to open and then i go and find out ts just women!

  4. Burhan says:

    You said first store, where is the second one opening?

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