Q8Car Now Part of 4Sale

Post by Mark

I’ve been a huge fan of Q8Car since as far as I can remember. I always considered it one of the most successful local websites and I personally used to check it a few times a week just because I like cars and I like to know whats out there in the market. I think most guys do this, or at least a lot of my guy friends also do this. Recently though, Q8Car was shutdown and integrated into 4Sale.

I’ve posted about 4Sale before, its an extremely popular classifieds website/app and I love it since you can basically find everything and anything for sale on it. I actually had to uninstall the app from my phone so I wouldn’t end up impulse buying old cars that I’d find and like. 4Sale and Q8Car were owned by the same person and I guess the car section in 4Sale was doing a lot better because Q8Car is now the 4Sale car section. No more standalone site.

I don’t mind this move much except for the fact the car search features are a lot more basic in 4Sale. For example you can’t list all the cars on the website now from oldest to newest which was one way I used to look for vintage cars on Q8Car. Looking for a 1991 Porsche? The only way to see if there is one for sale now is to go through the whole list of Porsches for sale. Not that practical. But anyway, you can checkout the “new” Q8car website yourself by clicking [Here]

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  1. manabry44 says:

    I HATE it….. The old one was much better

  2. nabz says:

    apparently, website is like 90’s version for cheap website starters, nothing seems categorized and everything is in arabic, acquisition is fine for 4sale, but they should have kept it going with same interface, not merging overnight to look complicated. i dont like it et all & as you said it was also one of my fav website to check out the price ranges for various cars to keep myself updated. but i have removed it from set of pages to be opened everytime i open chrome. until they make some changes and look appealing.

  3. cajie says:

    Car photos are squished all over the place. Proper image scaling is required pronto.

  4. GoogleIt says:

    Don’t like the new one at all, the old one was way better than this shit. I’ve just bought a car from 4sale and now I only use it.

  5. Wael says:

    4sale is a steaming pile of shit.

  6. th says:

    I used to check Q8car daily. Not anymore with this interface!

  7. Mazen says:

    Ugly Interface, not easy to use, less features and so many other things!

  8. SCM says:

    Seems 4Sale never heard of the saing “If it aint broken dont fix it”. With the new interface they have completely messed by the site. Q8car was so much popular. I bought and sold both of my cars on Q8car. Thanks to the new interface now Hatla2ee seems to be gaining popularity and so does OLX.kw

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