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4Sale is a local classifieds app which I have been hesitant to post about since it’s a pretty crappy app with tons of ads, terrible graphics and overall just a big mess. But, the app does have one thing going for it and that is the content. For some odd reason, the app (and their website) is super popular. It’s probably one of the most popular classifieds websites and apps in Kuwait even though they’re both horrible to use.

I hate it and it’s not just me, the App has a 2 star rating in the app store so clearly other people are facing similar issues. But like I said its about the content and you’ll find a ton of stuff for sale here. I’ve been mostly using the app to look for old cars from the 80s, a friend of mine uses it to search for vape products while another for video games. You’re bound to find something in there that interests you so you’ll end up putting up with all the flaws just like I do. To download the app search for “4sale” in the app store or click one of the following links [iPhone] [Android]

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  1. sala6a says:

    The app became even more popular after mazadq8 auction site was closed and redirected the traffic to 4sale. It’s either they had the same owners, or 4sale bought the mazadq8.

    Obviously most users do not care about designs, rather popularity which makes higher successful rates of buying/selling. Mazadq8 was very popular when it was using a forum design. And 4sale could be another proof.

  2. Graig says:

    You should visit the Kuwait car museum if you r into old cars. I visited a while back. Very interesting cars

  3. Hessa says:

    I’ve never heard about this app

  4. tk says:

    i installed the app and deleted it 5 mins later. All the ads are in Arabic. Waste of MB on my phone. Moving on…

  5. tk says:

    ill stick to justlanded thanks

  6. Kandari says:

    The amount of advertisments makes it annoying to use. I would rather use OLX or Justlanded.

  7. WI says:

    As Mark mentioned, Content.
    For buying / selling cars & bikes, its best inhere.

    Use to be better, in previous version, but I guess after its messed up.

  8. Riba says:

    “About Us” section of the app is worth checking.

  9. _sK says:

    Their I-phone version keeps on crashing. but I’d have to agree on beeing the most popular classifieds app out of them all.

  10. isn’t this the same app people used to sell house maids?

  11. forsakin says:

    it should be renamed to 4Ads.
    i tried using it since i do need it sometimes i couldnt activate my new number and hate the ads even though i disabled notifications of this app .
    the ads in this app are driving me insane .

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