Winter Land Carnival

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Last week the Winter Land Carnival opened up so I decided to pass by to check it out. It was freezing cold on Thursday night when I went but that just added to the experience instead of taking away from it. Winter Land is a fairly large setup and one you can see from a distance as you’re driving up. It’s mainly for children with the whole thing divided into two main are, entertainment and food.

For kids entertainment they have a number of activities include a large outdoor ice skating rink, a large ranch where kids can pet animals or ride ponies, a large archery section, some bouncy castles and a few other smaller games as well. The food area stretches from one side of the carnival all the way to the other with a ton of different food vendors to choose from although most of them had a similar menu involving either burgers or some sort of Nutella based dessert.

All in all though everyone looked like they were having fun including the friends and families who were manning some of the food stalls. The carnival will be up until February 20th so if you want to pass by and need more info, click [Here]

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  1. Haneyl says:

    Dwight schrute would be proud.

  2. DeViL says:

    Thanx Mark! Keep them coming, I think some of them are trying to pull you down. Be strong! God Bless!

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