So Much for a Greener Salmiya


Back in 2011 the Salmiya municipality dug up the middle sidewalk in the old souq where I live. The trees originally were surrounded by a small square dirt patch but someone in the municipality decided to enlarge that patch more than double the size and then merge all the trees with one large dirt pit. When I had spoken to one of the employees who was digging up the street back then he told me the plan was to plant the sidewalk like on the Gulf Road. I obviously knew that wasn’t going to happen since we have a major garbage situation that wasn’t getting solved so I had doubts they were planning to “beautify” Salmiya with greenery. But, a few of my readers thought I was being pessimistic and were all for a greener Salmiya.

Well just an update 5+ years later, nobody has planted shit and the dirt pit is still a dirt pit.

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Nothing’s changed, everything still looks the same! Funny how that brings out frustration in some because they’ve been there for such a long time, and nostalgia for others because they haven’t been there in such a long time! 🙂

Lol !

It’s high time they should make you Mayor of Salmiya

BTW, Typo “Dirt Put”

Does anyone know where to apply to have Speed Breakers / Bumps on the Roads inside Salmiya !?

Some people just don’t give a damn while driving and drive at scary speeds…

does anyone know where to apply so that these @$$holes responsible can put fresh white paint on existing speed breakers so that ppl dont get bumped like crazy?

“Some people just don’t give a damn while driving and drive at scary speeds…”

I know one section right in front of my building.

spend eight years of life in Kuwait, and last 3 years were the worst, no respect for expats, jobs which underpays qualified engineers. wasta is the new substitute of educational qualification, many of my egyptians co workers barely know how to write proper lines of code and cant even distinguish difference b/w classes, on top of that, their resume states that they’ve professional experience of 3 years or more in the software industry, how they got hired?? god knows. i bet a fresh graduate from shitty uni can do better. so glad im finally leaving kuwait within a month.

It a pretty sad state in old souq,Salmiya. Both sidewalk in the old souq, are roughly uneven, and I often stumbled while walking. I wish there is a more beautification in this area, as recent inclusion of a mall have increased the crowd flow in these route.

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