No More Yeezys in Kuwait?

Post by Mark

No idea if my previous post is related to this but the all black Yeezy 750’s that launched world wide 10 days ago didn’t get released in Kuwait. The all tan Yeezy Boost 350’s that are scheduled to launch world wide today also aren’t making it to Kuwait. My guess is that Adidas found out that Harvey were selling the Yeezys at a jacked up price and got pissed and pulled the brand from them. But this is just my guess, there could be other reasons to why we aren’t getting the Yeezys anymore.

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  1. casual-player says:

    i wouldn’t be surprised, they sell it almost double the price .. i’m pretty sure they found out (maybe from your post)

    i hope they get banned (or sued if possible) by the manufacturer so they made example for others

    it’s unfair to get the double price just to listing it, AND STILL PEOPLE BUYING IT

    i literally check everything price online before i buy.. i developed Kuwait market thief’s paranoia.

    now the oil price going up, i hope they don’t charge the triple price lol…….
    “الله يستر”

  2. lel says:

    I emailed Adidas :) about it.. sent a “serious” email

  3. Abdul Rahman says:

    I emailed them as well with my receipt attached,LOL.

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