Prices of Yeezy Boost 350 in Kuwait vs World

Post by Mark

So Harvey Nichols released the Yeezy Boost 350 “moonrock” edition in Kuwait today and for some odd reason sold them for nearly twice the world wide retail price. According to a reader who queued up this morning to get his hands on a pair, Harvey Nichols in Kuwait sold the Yeezys for KD115 ($380). In comparison they sold for KD60 ($200) in the United States, KD66 (AED800) at Levels Shoe District in Dubai and for KD69 (£150) in the UK. So why is Harvey Nichols in Kuwait selling the sneakers for KD115?!

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  1. nawaaf says:

    I stood there since 5 this morning. Even I was informed that the price would be 60-80 max but they decide to get as much as possible. Not fair in any circumstances.

  2. Abdul Rahman says:

    is there anything we can do?I was really pissed at the price.

  3. teenum says:

    I was shocked seeing xboclibe’s post too but I guess it doesn’t matter to the people who have that kind of moolah, they are gonna buy it anyway.

  4. Hamad says:

    Stood in line as well this morning, wasn’t expecting the price but I guess it was worth it because I didn’t have to wait in line for days like it’s been reported around the world. The shoes would probably sell for $400 on eBay now anyway.

    • Mark says:

      The moonrock editions are the most readily available, Harvey had nearly a 100 pairs for example compared to just 12 from the previous models. They’re not gonna be worth as much as the previous yeezys.

      • Hamad says:

        No they weren’t more or less readily available than the other yeezy releases, adidas sent shoes to retailers who ordered yeezy season one and that’s why Harvey Nichols had more than previous releases.

      • Hamad says:

        Also, forgot to add in my reply but if you go on eBay right now they’re selling for anywhere between $500-$700, definitely worth it.

        • Mark says:

          They’re selling for that much because they got sold out and people want them thats price vs demand in action right there.

          BUT, need to correct you on one thing which is with the cost of KD115 being “definitely worth it”. Harvey Nichols is an OFFICIAL retailer not a black market or grey market reseller. That means they are REQUIRED to sell the sneakers for the retail price which is around $200 +/- currency fluctuations. They aren’t allowed to inflate the price of the sneakers to fit demand, if that was allowed by Adidas then ALL, and I mean ALL the retailers around the world would mark up their prices as well. So this discussion isn’t about if KD115 a good deal or not, its about the ethicality of Harvey doubling the retail price.

          With Harvey Nichols doubling the price they basically put the sneakers in a more elite up market category pushing the price up past the reach of many people.

          • Hamad says:

            I’m not arguing that what they did was right or wrong, what I said was that for me as a buyer of the shoe it was worth it. I guarantee if you wait a month the price will be around the same as it is now for the turtle doves or the pirate blacks.

  5. Ahmad says:

    Only sneaker shop that releases shoes fairly is Footlocker. Plus I really think we have a sneaker Mafia here, last drop Mark informed us that the 950 are not coming to Kuwait yet some Kuwaiti sneaker head somehow got it the same day Harvey released yeezy s01.

  6. Realist says:

    There’s no Tax here. Why are they milking Kuwait?

    Seriously aren’t there regulations on this shit?

  7. Brownsuger says:

    What is so special about those shoes?

  8. Diego says:

    its just the fact you advertised their coming to kuwait, the seller saw this as an opportunity and increased their price

  9. Buzz says:

    It’s a simple supply and demand equation. The supplier will charge whatever price you are willing to pay. There is no logical reason for him to charge you 66 KD if you are willing to pay 115. Why forgo 49 Bucks, especially when there is no competition?

    Harvey Nichols is not a charity helping poor sneaker heads. They’re in it for the money, so the concept of greed is irrelevant. They raise the markup on some products to offset lowering it on others. So, if you’re dying to get a “limited supply” product quickly to show it off to your friends, be prepared to fork a premium.

    • Mark says:

      The supply outside Kuwait is even higher but the price is still fixed at $200. No official retailer I know of sold the Yeezys for more than $200 even though they could sell them for $400 if they wanted to. Harvey is considered an official retailer which is why they’re supposed to sell them for retail price. I don’t think adidas are aware of their pricing scheme. Someone should scan their invoice and email it to them.

  10. NM says:

    People sayin’ Ye Ye take it eazay
    20 G’s for the Yeezays off of Ebay

  11. Kuwait says:

    That’s so typical really :(

    Anyway, is this the same footwear Matt Damon had when he was stranded in The Martian?

  12. Aby says:

    Well… to answer your question, simply because people in Kuwait are ready to buy at that price!

    • Nasser says:

      Yup, exactly what Aby said. No matter what the price will be, people will buy it. This is why they’ve sold out.

      It’s total BS, and it’s times like these where I wish Kuwait was so much like Dubai when it comes to pricing things fairly.

  13. Because they can and people will still pay it, no questions asked. Any price just to be the first one to tell their friends ‘I got this first’….

  14. Abdul Rahman says:

    I did write them an email with the receipt attached and even tweeted them,they don’t seem to care at all.

  15. aaa says:

    Hey Mark,

    This comment is a bit late so it might not be picked up by the people wondering why stuff in Kuwait is priced so expensively. Let’s just say I have a lot of visibility on pricing for retail brands 

    The price isn’t high because of an Arab Tax or because they think they can get away with it. The cost of getting these items over here really is a LOT more than it is shipping to nearby cities in the US.

    Keep in mind:

    For a lot of brands, this stuff is made cheaply in Asia. Let’s just use China as an example

    The finished product is boxed and shipped to wherever the head brand is, say New York. They do QA and final boxing and whatever. This process already takes a lot of time and money and the head brand is taking a big risk getting to this point, remember this product can always perform poorly in the end and sink a lot of that investment.

    It needs to be shipped AGAIN to the Middle East from New York. First of all, the brand wants to make money on this, so they charge a higher fee than what they paid to China because they are the middleman and can afford to. So they tack a cost on when they sell it to you, and then you pay MORE for shipping it once again. This usually means it goes by boat from New York to Dubai, then to Kuwait. Yes it would’ve been cheaper to go straight to Kuwait but many suppliers will intentionally not allow this. This is a process that takes many months, the whole thing can easily, easily take 6 months by the time you get it in store, this is why so much planning is done so far in advance for retail brands.

    Now you get some products where you don’t have 6 months – for these sneakers if you are late by a month nobody will buy them anymore. So you can skip a large chunk of the process and pay to fly them over. As you can imagine, buying an express shipment of shoes is not cheap. So, on top of all the costs you had before, you have to tack on yet another fee for the express delivery.

    So it lands in Kuwait. Haha you thought it was done? I see you’ve never dealt with Kuwaiti Customs. They can be a nightmare for getting in a single phone, now imagine what they do with a shipping container full of shoes someone told them cost hundreds of dollars each. Throw in delays from all sides for the payment processing to and from like 10 different parties.

    Harvey Nichols has probably spent $190 getting it here. If they sold it for $200 they would literally be losing money (there are costs associated with selling, and they have to pay Royalties to Harvey Nichols, and in some cases have to pay once again to Nike). Most clothing brands worldwide have a rule of thumb that they mark things up to about double the price of what they cost when they sell them. So if you see a polo shirt in the US for $50, good rule of thumb is it cost polo $25. See it in Kuwait for $100? That’s because it cost the Kuwait Polo franchise $50 to get it here. Remember that a lot of pieces typically do not sell through and you have to cover their costs as well, before they go on 50% sale and lose money on each piece.

    Kuwait is a tiny market so it’s usually not cheap to ship things here without prior arrangements. The only reason they bother is because people actually do pay for the ridiculous cost of getting it here, the alternative to paying stupid amounts is for stuff to not come here at all. Dubai is probably getting them cheaply because they have a direct link to the supplier instead of going through a workaround. As a good example: Remember how much a PS4 cost when it was released? And then how it dove to 120KD when Sony released it themselves? The Xbox and PS4 were supposed to be priced identically but because of the supplier becoming directly involved they were able to cut out the middleman and offer the fair price.

    • aaa says:

      As for this specific case I honestly have no idea if this is why the price is inflated. But generally I see a lot of “They inflated the price due to greediness” but a lot of companies inflate the price because they buy it at inflated prices.

    • Mark says:

      Shipping cost isn’t an excuse, it’s not gonna cost more than 10kd per shoe since that’s how much I pay when I ship sneakers from the states and I’m not paying corporate rates or bulk rates so actual shipping cost for Harvey is even less.

    • Mark says:

      Also PS4 analogy doesn’t work here since the original shops that were selling it were grey market, dealer on other hand sold them retail price.

    • UCF says:

      I shipped an entire 40 foot container from California for around the price of 4 of those shoes ! And Shipping doesn’t take 6 months that’s impossible! Flying them here is no excuse ! We shouldn’t bear the cost and even if we do it is still overpriced ! MSRP should be for everyone! So don’t BS us with all that talk ! Ok customs here are a hassle but you tell me they have no “wasta” in customs ?? I bet they can clear everything in second. GREED and STUPID customers is what allows them to do this! Whatever you’re saying makes me think you’re kind of linked to them somehow! And whatever you wrote about the PS4 clearly shows that you understand nothing about how pricing work in Al Rehab etc. !

      P.S Those shoes are ugly in my opinion :D

    • Ucf says:

      I’m sorry to say but that is total and utter bullshit.

      The reason why these shoes as well as all products in Kuwait are so overpriced is basically because owners of these brands in Kuwait act as agents and they have rights to be exclusive distributors. Customers want the big brand names, agent provides customers, but on a condition of him gaining maximum profit. It’s a monopoly. Kuwait leans towards seller protection rather than customer protection. One thing to think about, why is it so difficult and expensive to get things online?

      The shoes cost that much because the owner of Harvey Nick’s Kuwait can charge that much and he doesn’t give a flying knob about what any of you think of the price because as far as he is concerned, he sold all his shoes :)

  16. Anti Harvey says:

    They do this to probably 80% of their stock which is why I will never shop there. 50% above retail seems to be standard.

    • Mark says:

      Well their Yeezy Season 1 items were all priced at retail price so not sure why they just doubled the price on the sneakers which are meant to be the most affordable item in the collection.

  17. Ahmad says:

    I think if people paid that price they are not mad enough about it being jacked up.

  18. Khaled says:

    If levels in Dubai could sell them at that price, there is no reason why Harvey Nichols Kuwait couldn’t. Typical brand management greed to try and meet targets. Hence why I’m going to Levels this weekend when I visit Dubai.

  19. YMSXXII says:

    I put on for my city, on, on, for my city. Hahaha.

  20. Richo says:

    If the retail price is 60KD ,i will bet the actual cost price to Harvey will be 30 kd or less for the shoes

  21. thedude says:

    because the law does not protect “idiots”

  22. Salue says:

    idk why people giving a hype to these shoes they look bad, adidas superstar or DC shoes , looks way better

  23. Jamil says:

    Basic economics, they’ll sell it at a price of what they think some people will buy it’s nice but if theres limited amounts of them that’s how it’s going to work

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