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There’s a new women’s gym opening up in the basement of Mayar Complex which I originally thought was going to be a crossfit studio, but yesterday a reader noticed the door open so they went in and snooped around and found a main room filled with sand and surf boards. So he sent me the photos which got my interest.

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I checked the gym’s instagram account out and based on just the teaser videos and photography style alone, it looks like its going to be a pretty cool place. I also did a quick google search for surfboard fitness and ended up finding out about SURFSET which was featured on Shark Tank. The creator of SURFSET used to surf a lot and really liked his way his body looked during the summer months. But during the winter months when he stopped surfing, he lost his conditioning, so he came up with the idea to create the SURFSET board which simulates surfing and allowed him to stay conditioned throughout the year.

The gym isn’t open yet and it’s only going to be for women, but you could check out their instagram account @b10.kwt

Thanks @mac_leb

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