Yamamoto – A Japanese British Spanish Restaurant

Post by Mark

A friend showed me this instagram account yesterday for a local Japanese restaurant called Yamamoto and I found it the most bizarre thing ever. The restaurant is meant to serve Japanese street food but their menu from what I can tell is mostly composed of British Fish and Chips and Spanish Churros for dessert.

So weird. Check it out yourself @yamamoto_kw

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  1. HYR says:

    I was in the area recently and came across Yamamoto, I was hungry so I had dinner with a friend. It seems that it was initially Fish & Chips because they waiter informed me that the Japanese menu is very recent and not all items are available. The food was clean and not bad at all.

  2. K- says:

    Yamamoto as in the designer? Lol so bizarre..

  3. Mimi says:

    Regardless of their confused menu, I wouldn’t mind trying the fish and chips (looks good!) and its been ages since I’ve had the real deal. And before you recommend Organica, I’d tried them when they’d first opened and was sadly disappointed.

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