And the award for the dumbest coffee shop name goes to…

Post by Mark

After going viral yesterday they’ve now renamed the account to @closed292 and they’ve left the unapologetic message below.

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  1. Sal says:

    The Word ” Nigga ” for some Arabs it means for them, like they are cool or american XD

    not the slavery part, but I guess they got back lashed XD

  2. Yazi says:


  3. b says:

    Keep it classy Kuwait

  4. So2al says:

    lol. Who is the owner? They should be named and shamed quite honestly. So pathetic.

  5. Sam says:

    10/10, would visit.

  6. Yesamb says:

    No way! Is this really real? Wtf

  7. That wasn’t an apology, Mark.

    If anything, the person is going on the defensive.

    They’re saying “our coffee is available for those who are able to behave themselves. For those who can’t, we refuse service to them.”

    Can’t believe someone would do this.

  8. ssf says:

    there’s also one cafe with the name Mustach, i thought it was a barber shop until they set the whole thing up.

  9. Sulaiman-COGNAC says:

    I love how he has an Prayer in the description, it really adds to the aesthetic.

  10. Najjar says:

    I think he meant to use the word Nigga in it’s local arabic meaning which would translate to “Purity”

    Nonetheless ……..

    • Sulaiman-COGNAC says:

      Does an African lady symbolise purity in Arabic too? It’s it a mere coincidence that it’s called nigga with an African woman as the logo? Nigga has literally nothing to do with the word purity, the Arabic word for purity is naqawa, even naqa’a doesn’t work.

  11. Rshaid says:

    This was obviously run by a 14 year old that just wanted to belong to this coffee trend that’s going on, who clearly didn’t actually know the real meaning of the word.

  12. This really reminds me of the time a local donut shop called their dark chocolate donut “The Hood”.


    And it took them over a year to change the name.

  13. Hamad says:

    The person behind this account must be an underage or straight up an uneducated adult that’s all due to the very poor account name choice (obviously) and the poor Arabic description filled with typos.

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