Baladiya Bans Hot Dogs

Post by Mark

According to Z District, most of the popular American hot dog brands like Oscar Mayers and Ball Park Franks have been banned in Kuwait because they don’t have the Halal label on them. Sucks. [Link]

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  1. ali says:

    Sucks ? If you don’t like how it’s goes here in Kuwait, I would recomend you to go back where you came from , so you can eat what ever you want only if you could afford it.

    Say thanks god that you are here in Kuwait, you wouldn’t do what you do there back in your country

    That’s all

  2. Qster says:

    Ahhh hotdogs processed ass meat and poop ground and mashed up and treated for human consumption

  3. KG says:

    Anyone think these companies do actually slaughter their cows in accordance with Sharia?

  4. Patrick says:

    I think the real reason hot dogs are getting banned is because of the video you posted on 248pm. I blame you.

  5. JN says:

    That is the government obligation to protect its citizen. If those company doesn’t want to follow the regulation here, then they should try selling their hotdog somewhere else.

  6. Chris says:

    thought you wouldn’t be having hot dogs again :p

  7. yousefq8 says:

    And yet they sell Hot Pockets at Sultan Center with meat in them.

    -Ba Doom Da Tis-


  8. Jabman says:

    Simple, just make them halal boys! Here in Canada there are halal versions of everything. The west respects our religion and beliefs more than we do sometimes. Keep it halal :) besides, hotdogs in kuwait always tasted horrible.

  9. Marion says:

    Just because it’s for sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it. The west does provide for all, doesn’t mean I have to buy things that I don’t like or that go against my religion but at least I have the choice. I don’t think there is a need to protect people from reading a label. The “go back to your country card” never gets old, I am proud to say that I have yet failed to use it in “my” country.

  10. Blue Bayou says:

    The baladiya won’t be happy until everything is banned and we are all forced to buy ‘Americana’ food everywhere.

    Go to any Coop, that’s all you’ll see. Typical local monopoly crap.

  11. A says:

    Well.. I’m anti banning stuff, however I understand why this has happened. As a consumer in Kuwait – you would assume that all the meat is Halal, as a matter of fact it is not, and as a consumer I have the right to know which products are suitable for my dietry requirements. Many food stuff companies import products and with wasta simply add a Halal Sticker to it. Many restaurants dont serve halal meat however claim they do so. I believe that nothing should be banned unless its harmful – however honest statements about the product must be available to the consumer.

  12. Mathai says:

    Guys I think this ban was on the cards for a while now coz of the pork hotdog incident and they’re just implementing the ban now.

  13. sara says:

    the “go back to your country” is a very valid sentiment. peoples of all races and religion come to q8 to enjoy the high life and then they bite the hand that feeds them—its sooo typical. they are “high rollers” here and show off to anyone who cares to be bothered by it, and when they go to their country the showing off becomes even MORE !! they have what they have because of this country-there is no denying that–else they would set up camp elsewhere. and by the way–im not saying that they arent doing anything–but most of them are UNDERQUALIFIED for the posts they have–they have the gift of the gab and portray a good “exterior” package–and we kuwaiti’s unfortunately hire them based on that, not coz they are really qualified to do the job they get.
    so yes “go back to your country” definitely is a valid sentiment

    • tjcfilms says:

      Hey Sara why is that almost every Kuwaiti friend I have jets off to anywhere but Kuwait when they have more than two days off?

      • sara says:

        coz they can!

        • tjcfilms says:

          LOL I think you mis my point or are skirting it. If Kuwait is so amazeballs why does everyone I know go elsewhere for every holiday or couple days off?

        • James says:


          There is no question that Kuwait is a generous country but you are giving too little credit to the expats who put hard work and sweat into this country and when they criticize something for the sake of improvement and well being of the community, we get people like you with their noses through the roof. I suggest that you put down your Starbucks Macchiato, and think about who is going to do your laundry, dishes, serve you at your favorite McDonalds branch when these “exterior, under-qualified expats” go back to their country.

          PS. Starbucks founder is Jewish and constantly gives money to Zionists – go ban it as well because it is not “halal”!

      • 3azeez says:

        Anyone from any nationality in any part of the world, if he had money, he’d travel. be it to country side or cross boarders. we are wedged between three of the shittiest countries in the world, and our country is tiny. buying air ticket and travling abroad is pure logic.

    • Phil says:

      I suppose it’s valid if you agree that all the xenophobic yahoos in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. are also justified in using that phrase with people from Kuwait and other parts of the Middle East who are living, working or studying in those countries.

    • Hm says:

      Do you think Kuwait would have reached this stage without any help from expats?

    • aaa says:

      Every Sara I met was not qualified for the job she had

    • aaa says:

      Also the fact that people like you say this to expats in Kuwait is why I get treated like shit when I go somewhere else and tell them I’m Kuwaiti. I don’t even say I’m Kuwaiti anymore when I travel because people will assume I’m someone like you and treat me worse.

    • pickles says:

      oh wait, we have another contender!

    • Patrick says:

      Wait I don’t get it.

      “We kuwaiti’s unfortunately hire them based on that, not coz they are really qualified to do the job they get.”

      So then are the Kuwaiti’s that hire these people not qualified either? Because they’re obviously (if what you say is true) not hiring the people that need to be hired.

      “Go back to your country” is never a valid argument. Kuwait has grown with the help of expats and Kuwait has helped out expats. You can’t take either out of the equation.

      Also, I sense a little bit of racism in your comment. Oh well.

    • Al-Marzouq says:

      while I do agree that living in kuwait to a certain extent offers a minorty of the expats with genuine financial advantages. Life in Kuwait is no hi life at all, and seriously this kind of atittude is why the country is reverting back. Living in this closed shell of Kuwaiti only and blaming expats for every thing that has gone wrong in this country is a very weak and honestly dumb argument. yes I agree alot of the hiring is of under qualified ppl especially in the Gov sector, but then again do we have qualified ppl as kuwaities? more importantly qualified and prepared to work? no we do not most of Kuwaiti employess do not work, and ones who do work either work for family businesses or private sector. the showing off part of ur argument just shows ur superficial mentality… if I work any where and make good money I would wanna show it off because i earned it just like u do with the money u receive just for being Kuwaiti…. I.E in most part without actually earning it. any ways I will stop ranting here as most probably no one will read this…

    • ali says:

      Love you :)

  14. tjcfilms says:

    Here is my question. I go to Dubai which is also a Muslim country, but I can into an Irish Pub get a beer and eat a big pork sausage. Why do other countries have such a huge stick up their butt?

    • Desert Girl says:

      Parliament in-fighting that has been going on for decades.

    • KG says:

      I think because the other countries give a damn about their religous belifs. Where as Dubai, not so much…

      • tjcfilms says:

        I disagree with that one. I think Dubai realizes there are all types of people and religions there and they can coexist without stepping on one another’s toes. Also most Muslims I know have some sort of vice that is Haram. It is just how it is.

        • KG says:

          To put it simply. If a muslim allows a non-muslim to do something against his belifs in his own home. Then that muslim is a hypocrit, because hes willing to sacrifice his belifs and principles for others.

          But this goes for any religion as well

        • ahmed says:

          Tonight is Devali and is a huge holiday for Indians. There are colored lights on my neighbors house and all up and down the roads throughout Dubai. People are letting off fire crackers which is done in symbalisam. Last year in Kuwait, you banned a few Indian kids for letting off fireworks that they actually bought in a toy store in Kuwait for celebrating their religion – no compromise at all, you didn’t allocate an area for them to celebrate – YOU BANNED IT. and these are neighborhoods that are full of crime day and night because your Kuwaiti police won’t go in there to combat crime. Isn’t religious tolerance supposed to be in the Islamic religion? Well it is ALL OVER DUBAI………..

    • DX says:

      im not against you here, but every country has its laws…for example, you can have 4 wives here, but u cant do the same in the west…does the west have a huge stick up their butt? why does the rest of the world have to be like the west?

      and oh is not a ‘country’. its a state in a country…and the other states in that country ban pork and alcohol

  15. mustafa says:

    The reason y it was banned is that American brands like Kraft which owns Oscar Meyer decided to stop shipping to the middle East.These products are not HALAL but they were just labelled as HALAL.The issue cropped up in Dubai where the muncipality called one of the American brands and confirmed.FYI Kuwait Muncipality has not banned any brand it was done by the exporters though some brands are still seen around.The only authentic HALAL brand from America is MIDAMAR which is a company run by Arab Muslim immigrants.These will be available soon in the market.Kuwait will also see more authentic HALAL brands from Spain,Germany and Canada very soon!!!.

  16. Lucky_Boy says:

    that sucks, but I assume it wont be long before they are back on the shelves once the hotdog incident story fades away.

  17. Desert Girl says:

    Hot dog envy. American hot dogs are bigger and taste better.

    They will still sell the crap manufactured in Kuwait, I’m sure. Yeah, like biproducts aren’t used in those. Riiiiiight.

  18. sara says:

    fact people–expats (most of the arab ones) eat drink and stay in kuwait, get rich without trying (no way they would reach the level they are here, abroad) and then say bad things about the country…. at least dont bite the hand that feeds you
    and btw–this is not an old sentiment–its just a few years old, after they have ruined this place. yes kuwaitis are guilty too — of being corrupt and issuing visas for money and then the country is full of rubbish, causing almost every wave of crime in the country, and causing other various problems that everyone knows and nobody has balls to talk about openly
    and btw mentioning that you are kuwaiti and being treated like s**t is not coz of this reason—its coz of arrogant youngsters who think money is everything and treat others accordingly. they behave so well in other countries….seen the obvious transformation at london airport, waiting in line to check in…and btw im kuwaiti and proud to be so–sorry if youre not proud enough to say that you are — shame on you for worrying what others think and proving them wrong with YOUR actions

    • Patrick says:

      Your racist thoughts aside you know this blog is usually 95% positive about Kuwait and you’re telling an expat, who really likes Kuwait to leave? That’s nice.

      • sara says:

        not directed to the author of this blog btw–i read it regularly and like what i read,
        also he maynot be of the majority of arab expats i know who go back to their country and bash kuwait and kuwaiti’s
        a lot of it is documented btw, a whole lot, else id put it down to hearsay
        lol many “managers” have admitted that they wouldnt even get close to getting this post back home coz there are really more adequately qualified deserving people
        and lastly–the showing off i mentioned is for THEIR OWN PEOPLE hahahaha thats the best part
        i have seen it , they have admitted it and its obvious….enough said to you patrick, coz this was really directed at arab expats–unless you are one too and i misjudged from your name

        • sara says:

          and there are always exceptions—i have said clearly “most” NOT all

        • Patrick says:

          From my understanding the expats that come here who have gone to college and have studied prefer working in Kuwait then their own country because of the environment, not necessarily the salary. I suppose it really depends on the specifics.

          And I’m Lebanese :)

          • sara says:

            hi patrick and im guessing from your responses that you are NOT one of the many im talking about …. kudos on not being two faced

          • Nixon says:

            most expats come for the money. Also my friend (who also happens to be lebanese) is trying to get his Kuwaiti citizenship and throwing away his real country’s citizenship just because of the bi3tha.
            Almost all expats just come for the money.
            But i am assuming that u are here because of the environment.

        • Sam says:

          I was born in Kuwait, my whole life was in Kuwait. I didn’t even know my country as I did Kuwait, it has the good, bad and the ugly.

          I left Kuwait a year ago, my choice, because of one reason. I literally felt like a slave, even though I didn’t work for any company or government in Kuwait, I work with Google, I am a developer and a server security analysis, so staying in Kuwait was merely because that’s what I knew.

          Kuwait is civilized, definitely has more options than many other Arab countries, and I’m not just talking about jobs or money, I’m talking about small stuff, as small as the products you buy from your local market.

          Here is the thing though, with all the positivity I really did enjoy living in Kuwait, but it came to my attention no matter what I do, or how much I really like this country, it’ll always be temporary, or I’ll have to scheme my way into staying in the country.

          I wasn’t paid by Kuwaitis, so I was one of the rare expats that gave money to Kuwait, without taking any from it. I’ve had all my school years and university in Kuwait, and yet, that’s not enough.

          I’m either labeled as “student” or “worker”, anything else, legally, I get the good ol’ “get out of the country”.

          I decided to leave, went back to my country, which I consider myself to be a tourist in, because like I said, I lived my whole life in Kuwait.

          I still love Kuwait, really do, but you have to admit that there are aspects in Kuwait that just grants expats to complain. Many are not complaining for the sake of complaining, they want things to be better for them, which in turn would be better for everyone.

          I’ve been to many countries, racism exists everywhere, but I have to say, in Kuwait, or most of the Arabian Gulf countries, you really do have a high level of racism. Not all though, I’ve known some great people in Kuwait.

          The overall vibe you get, especially to a working person (not school) “Kuwaitis here, everyone else there). Kind of like America in the 50s “Whites only”. It’s not explicit, but obvious in so many ways.

          Either way, wish the best for Kuwait, and I sincerely hope that Kuwait starts making an effort into making expats feel less like “slaves” or pure workers, and actually be part of the country.

    • Bahaar says:

      @sara, You are getting to our nerves with your racist comments. But I guess racisms exist everywhere. In the end of the day you only believe what you want to believe. You think most of expats “eat drink and stay in Kuwait, get rich WITHOUT TRYING”. Maybe only Maybe if you open your eyes and want to see, you will see HOW HARD they are trying to maintain a decent life not a luxurious one. Working with minimum rights and connections and FAMILY NAME. never getting free rides and always trying to prove themselves. Did you ever took your work to a Kuwaiti carpenter, tailor, Plummer, painter, etc? May be you should start to use only Kuwaiti expertise for your daily needs and encourage skillful Kuwaitis in these fields and get rid of LAZY expacts who are working in these sectors and replace them with hard working Locals.

      • sara says:

        if im getting “to” your nerves lol then just dont read my posts my dear–its a free comment blog. secondly as i have said MANY times, im taking about most ARAB expats–the rest i do respect
        and yes btw i DO employ locals or non arab expats, as a principle !!
        and btw this is not about locals — i have already acknowledged that kuwaitis are initially to blame for most of what is going on
        so be more thorough and complete in your reading before you comment

        • mustafa says:

          Arrogance from rich kids are there everywhere and the rich exploiting the poor.I come from India and I find this there everywhere ,so y blame only Kuwait?.Coming to racisim its universal now.

        • JM says:

          Sara, I am a son of an Arab expat (Palestinian). He lived here since the early 1960’s. He was an entrepreneur who did remarkable things for several of Kuwait’s biggest private sector companies. He made them millions upon millions. He made his partner and his extended family very rich, and he did quite well for himself too. Notice all of those who benefited before I mentioned him at the end. While he was a very exceptional person, you will find many stories like this. It’s not right to just slander the Arab population in Kuwait as if they are just leeches. Many of them were born and raised here and they work twice as hard for half the benefit of Kuwaitis – without complaints. Who do you think modernized and developed Kuwait over the past 50 years anyway?

    • Lucky_Boy says:

      If i were you mark i’d remove such comments. and this has nothing to do with freedom of speech. these species of people are spoiled jerks, lacking a real purpose in life and bashing expats on the internet brings them a sense of superiority than they can never attain in real life.

      this is coming from a citizen.
      انا كويتي والي مو عاجبه يروح يطقع بماي بارد

      btw I thought the post was about hotdogs?

    • Apple_ says:

      Don’t bite the hand that feeds you? That seems politically incorrect. It’s as if you’re implying that Expats don’t work at all and that they’re paid to sit on their ass all day. But it’s a well known fact that Expats need to work twice as hard compared to a Kuwaiti. How has the Expats “ruined” Kuwait exactly? Would you be willing to do their jobs? I haven’t seen a Kuwaiti trash collector. I have never seen a Kuwaiti work at a gas station or perhaps even a Kuwaiti house help. I have never met a Kuwaiti nurse, I don’t know if one really exists out there. It’s a sad reality that Kuwaitis will only do a certain kind of work, one that doesn’t get their hands dirty. I just don’t understand how you deem your fact, as a fact. Get out of Kuwait if you don’t like it here? Okay so having an opinion is illegal? So everyone should just follow blindly and be happy about everything happening in Kuwait? If so then this country will never progress and will only fall into a deeper hole.

    • UmKhaloodie says:

      I like Butterball Turkey Bacon and lulu hasn’t had it for months :(

      • mustafa says:

        They were the first ones to stop exporting as they were against using the text”Halal” on their product as they feared this would irritate their customers in the West.

        • Desert Girl says:

          I’m American I buy halal products in the States. I also buy kosher stuff. No biggie. As an animal lover for one thing I would hope that the animals are slaughtered by more humane means. But then again, I don’t think that many products here in Kuwait are truly halal – especially after watching some of the PETA slaughter house videos. Inhumane to the Nth.

  19. mustafa says:

    Guys HOLD ur horses!!.Y all this fuss? as I mentioned earlier the HOTDOG issue came from Dubai and the Americans decided to stop exporting to avoid being punished by the US Govt for faking documents.Kuwait Muncipality or the Govt has nothing to do with it even though various US meat samples sent to MOH labs proved that there was indeed PORK content in it.I belong to the Food Importing industry here and am aware of the developments

    • Mark says:

      Hey Mustafa, what is your source for this information?

      • mustafa says:

        Mark we import meat from US and there were lots of negative test results.The Dubai issue was brought to our notice by food importers in Dubai.The brand that was first banned there was Dietz and Watson and eversince importers there decided to stop importing non-halal meat.The issue was taken seriously by Kraft who later stopped export to the Gulf.

        • Mark says:

          But doesn’t Sultan Center import Ball Park directly from the US? I was under the assumption that was the case. Kinda how you find regional Smacks serial for like 990 fils and then the direct from US import for KD1.750ish

          • mustafa says:

            Mark meat from US doesnot come from the manufacturer but they are done by export agents based in US.The halal certification is done by the exporting company and the manufacturer is unaware of this.Labelling and inkjetting is also done by the exporting company and not the manufacturer.Kuwait being a muslim country has every right to stop import of such meat.

  20. Kuwait says:

    What about the thousands of other gelatin-based chewies and candies found in every store big and small in Kuwait? None have a halal label.

    • mustafa says:

      According to the regulation for Gelatine you just have to provide a fax from the manufacturer saying that the Gelatine is veg.

  21. Laila says:

    I resent Ali’s comment (Go Back to Your Country) very sad response to an opnion!! please please grow up and try to be civilized, bs t3bna mn small minded people, and weirdly enough they are always the first to voice their opinions (at times like these i wish I had a zap gun to blast them away *ZAP-POOF-SILENCE* aaahh i wish) ….. anywayz back on the subject, I agree to the ban (to some extent), coz in the end we are a Muslim country and sharia rules do affect our policies here in k-town FACT. I just hope and wish that the government and some of the offcials can find better ways to solve this issue, its not about banning, its about labeling food correctly, as consumers we would like to know what were buying and whats going into our stomaches!!! MORE POLOICIES AND REGULATIONS ON LABELING!!!!!
    And yes this blog is partly to blame,,, kila mn that youtube video ;p

  22. Kash says:

    Love how this post has generated more comments than the record breaking fireworks :)

  23. tjcfilms says:

    I know what it is. They are trying to cut down on food based Masturbation .

  24. sara says:

    lol i just realized that im wasting time replying to people who cant read properly or completely
    my opinion is my own and im free to voice it
    if you dont like it, too bad
    have a good life ppl while you can, never know when good things come to an end lol
    mark btw this has NOTHING to do with you coz i know how your heart is TRULY with this country

  25. G says:

    LOL! You shouldn’t have posted that video Mark

  26. sara says:

    lol this is fun hahahaha

  27. Desert Girl says:

    And on another train of thought…

    Is it true that if you eat pork you become less jealous? ;) LOOOL

  28. Red V says:

    1. A proper Halal label and corresponding certificate is a must since Kuwait is a Muslim country , so if you complain about not enough progress on things like roads , and trash can distribution you should also complain about not enough progress being made in making sure that the food that enters this country is properly slaughtered and that no filthy swine makes its way past the boarders , because it’s much more important than trash can distribution .

    2. in a comment above someone said that 200k Kuwaiti’s protested . That is such a joke on so many levels , try 20,000 max . ( in a few years the legend will be that a million Kuwaitis protested ) low salaries , high cost of health care and Education , long working hours , not enough holidays , no government housing assistance , no university scholarships , high cost of food with no food subsidies ….. no one has it better than Kuwaiti’s . No one !

  29. dougmacho says:

    You guys are getting mad over hotdogs?……..awesome!

  30. Dalal says:

    What about thousands and thousands of people who are living or working in kuwait and who do not follow the Islamic faith? Doing such actions is disrespectful and frankly stupid for business.

    You see an item that is not marked as Halal and you can’t eat it, just walk away. It’s as simple as that!

  31. Desert Girl says:

    Eat fish.

  32. m7mad says:

    I am a Kuwaiti & I get really embarrassed and annoyed at these racist comments.

  33. Ahmed says:

    Congratulations, You have all witnessed the major faults in humanity: EVERYTHING! :D

  34. Rehab says:

    They must also not allow to sell hotdogs such as Sadia or the cheap ones. They taste really bad.

    I know someone would now pop up “Don’t eat then”

  35. Rehab says:

    btw most of the guy who are fighting over this brand. Might not even knew that they were in market !

  36. Funsideday says:

    Another funny example of American Halal…US Whole Turkey was banned a year or so ago because Butterball was not Halal….The Ban was lifted earlier this year I believe.. To date Butterball still doesnt do Halal Turkeys…Yet they are in Carrefour as we speak…

  37. Umk says:

    All this over a hotdog?
    What do these people do if they travel to Europe? UK? Canada? The States? They live on salad and cheesecake?
    If it doesn’t say halal- don’t eat it.
    Kuwait is a democratic country and the laws are based on sharia- is it complete sharia law? Surely if it was then churches wouldn’t be allowed to exist here as preaching/allowing another religion would be haram? No? Am I way off the mark?
    Re the comments re ‘gtfo’ – grow up.
    Funny two years ago around this time, three ‘Muslims’ burned poppies and shouted Allah Akbar over a war memorial- they weren’t told to ‘gtfo’.
    This is 2012, not 1960. People are intelligent enough to do what they want- read the packet or stick to products that are only made inside kuwait.
    Leave my hotdogs and turkey bacon alone.

    • Othman says:

      “Surely if it was then churches wouldn’t be allowed to exist here as preaching/allowing another religion would be haram”

      Umm, where did you get that load of crap?

    • Ashraf says:

      Umk… you are full of shit…

      it isnt haraam for non muslims to practise their religion..
      it is haraam for a muslim to practice another religion.

      In islam all human are free to practice their religion.. our duty is just to guide them to Islam. by making them understand and not by force..

      you are an idiot to bring this in to a hot dog post…

      why is scarf banned in France??? get a life douche bag!!

  38. bazaar says:

    damn,what a thread! All I want is some fucking decent hot dogs! Cant believe some of the locals managed to use “if you dont like it here,leave” even in a post about hot dogs. FML

  39. Longfire says:

    NOOOOO NOT BALL PARK HOTDOGS :'( why kuwait why :p guess im never eating hotdogs again

  40. sooli says:

    oh please give me a break with HALAL. in islam halal does not only mean that you have to slaughter the animal in a certain way in the name of ALLAH. you have to treat the animal in a certain way so that the animal does not feel that death is comming. I went to the slaughter houses here and they are SOOO not halal,Knives not being sharp enough, dragging animals on the floor and slitting their throats in an incorrect way. Thats why Australia keeps warning the locals that they will stop exporting live animals to kuwait. if halal only means you have to stick a stupid label on food then you people are totally hypocritical.

  41. 3azeez says:

    every time i buy these stuff from sultan centre i end up sick and at the ER.

  42. 3azeez says:

    btw the hot dogs are banned not because they are “not halal” but because they had pork in them.

  43. Sara says:

    Lol i have had so so much fun with u ppl hahaha
    thanks for the laughs and so long suckers!!!!

    • 3azeez says:

      Chill. Don’t get into arguments. Spend you energy on something positive.

      watch something funny on youtube, have a laugh :)

    • Zain says:

      Sara, grow up and when u have an authentic proper response to anyone or actually understand whts going on this blog you have the right to comment.
      Bc right now u sound like a 12 yr old crying over her barbie doll.
      Or your just one of those the listens to everything , tries to understand whts goin on but ur IQ is not even close to ours.
      So stop laughing like a little baby and making urself feel good.

  44. Paul says: one point if you noticed, we just plain ignored you..that aside, i think you need serious help..

  45. lloyd_911 says:

    I’m kinda disappointed. I was assuming the whole ban on hotdogs had something to do with their shape :/
    Also….there was talk about pork in some hotdogs sold here….so…dosen’t that mean, unknowingly at some point most of the people who consumed these hotdogs have already ingested pork…..?

  46. jungar albatal says:

    I’ll keep it short.

    If you any of upi guys don’t like Kuwait, LEAVE.

  47. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    how about this… why don’t they continue selling non-halal products and the non-Christians can by the halal! Kind of like, in a way, Indonesia or Malaysia where people carry an id card that states your religion so that “certain” religions can’t by alcohol!
    It doesn’t bother me if they pull it because Iwill just buy it on the base when I get my pork ribs, bacon, and sausage!
    If the reason for pulling it off the shelves is because of whats in it and not because of it not being halal, then they might as well pull that tubed minced meat out of the stores as well.

    • 3azeez says:

      no. because this is my country, and when i go shopping, i want to pick up whatever i want without having to double check and worry.

      i dont care whether they put halal sticker or not. i expect whatever being sold on the shelves matches our standards.

      The UK and europe bans certain types of drinks, food, and candy because it has certain contents that they consider unhealthy. We as muslims consider a slaughter that has not been done in a certain way will result in an unhealthy food product.

      • Chris says:

        +1 I don’t see what the hell is the issue in banning non-halal products. Kuwait is supposed to be an Islamic country

      • Ashraf says:

        +1.. every country has standards set.. so if they pulled it off the shelf, i dont think there’s much to argue about..

        Kuwait is a Islamic country.. one should feel lucky that they can get their non halal food in the Base (i still don’t understand why it is allowed – simply for the fact that these non halal stuff makes their way out of the base) because according to my understanding, when you are in a country, you respect their laws & regulations.. it shouldnt really matter if you are a soldier or a peasant… American or Indian.. you are in Kuwait.. so respect the Kuwaiti regulations.

        Countries like Malaysia has to take these steps coz tourism is one of the major contributors of their economy.. it doesnt imply to Kuwait.

  48. The Real Burhan says:

    Malaysia has both Halal and non-Halal products in their markets.

    They isolate the non-Halal products to the back of the store in a separate area with a glass partition and its clearly marked “NON HALAL”.

    I could understand the furor if it was deliberately marked as halal when it wasn’t; but in this case it is simply not marked at all.

    The rest of the comments – thank you, something to read over the long weekend :)

  49. Joe says:

    The dogs are still on the shelves at TSC. I bought 7 packs tonight!

  50. miszbuf10 says:

    this is a bunch of bullshit, seriously “go back to your country” is all i get from Kuwaitis when i complain about anything here. nonsense, we’re all allowed to our own opinion, and if the food that was made here didn’t suck so much then we wouldn’t care when they ban the stuff from outside. if the problem is about the hotdogs being halal then why did they bring them in the first place???

    • 3azeez says:

      “this is a bunch of bullshit, seriously “go back to your country” is all i get from Kuwaitis when i complain about anything here.”

      Because they are already complaining themselves about so many bad things taking place in the country. And face it, today we have 100,000 Kuwaiti families homeless (men in their 40s with wives and kids living with their parents is homeless), young people are struggling to find a job (me and my friends stayed home for 2 years before we were able to find a job, even though we are all engineers and I have higher degrees), and so many other negative stuff…. we are only 1 million people, yet we have additional 2 million people using all the services that our country has to offer and taking our jobs.

      So yeah, if you want to complain, get the f*** out of here and maybe some Kuwaiti can get your job and start a family.

      • 3azeez says:

        Btw, I come to Mark’s blogs even before the 248AM even started, and this is the first time ever I used the GTFO statement, its to deliver an idea.

      • Sam says:

        Don’t mean to criticize but I’m kind of stating the obvious, lack of job is very understandable, I think every country can relate to that, but Kuwait, not as much.

        Difference is, not many Kuwaitis are welling to “get their hands dirty”, so to speak. It has to be a desk job, mostly, or an authority figure. The only time I’ve seen Kuwaitis work in something like sales, as in salesperson, was for Zain, Wataniya or anything similar.

        I’m sure not all are like that, but majority do prefer comfortable desk jobs.

        On topic, I understand what you’re saying completely, but you have to think about it for a minute, just because someone is having a problem doesn’t mean others problems aren’t as important. I’m not sure if that made any sense, hope it does.

        I guess at the end we all take sides, not many are willing to compromise or consider a balanced solution (no specific party, talking about citizens and expats).

        • 3azeez says:

          “Difference is, not many Kuwaitis are welling to “get their hands dirty”, so to speak. It has to be a desk job, mostly, or an authority figure.”

          This is the kind of comment I usually hear from foreign nationals working as consultants for government officials or from expatriate managers at private sector.

          The truth is, when dealing with government jobs… if you put incompetent managers you’ll get unproductive staff. Don’t tell me Kuwaitis perfer desk jobs or not get their hands dirty, because where I work Kuwaitis do work hard and do get dirty.

          My colleagues they work under the burning summer heat and humidity in the filth with no complaints. They sacrifice even their health for their job.

          In fact, the position i’m holding used to be occupied by someone who got cancer because of this job and she passed away couple of years back.

          So don’t tell me Kuwaitis dont want to get their hands dirty. Yes they may not be interested in getting paid 600 dinars for doing a job while they can get paid double doing a desk job, thats fair enough. everywhere in the wold if someone is qualified for a better job with better pay they will chose it.

          However what happens in Kuwait is that most private sectors would offer Kuwaitis 800 dinars for a shit job (which by the way government pay 90% of it) and for a person at the same qualification from another nationality they will get triple the salary, with benefits, and get placed in position where he becomes productive and gain experience.

          I was offered a job position by a so called “british” oil company that was going to do a project in Kuwait. I was put in that exact position, and to make things even shitter, the person who interviewed me told me “you don’t even have to come to work, just stay home and receive your salary”! Of course they were doing that to comply with government regulation of having Kuwaiti quota within their staff.

          • Sam says:

            You misunderstood. Please read my reply again, I never said all, I said most, you can’t deny that.

            In other countries, especially young people who are working their way up in life, work in jobs that I never see Kuwaitis do, maybe I just didn’t have the chance to meet one.

            Taxi drivers? restaurants? mechanics? Of course I’m talking about young people here, 19-21 where they maybe go to University and want to support themselves or even help the family.

            Of course I’m not saying that Kuwaitis should only work in low pay jobs, what I’m saying is, why pass an opportunity that you could gain experience from just because the salary isn’t right? It can go up, everyone has to work their way up sometimes.

            The figures you mentioned, salaries, do you really think most expats get to be paid that much? I think you’re limiting your experience or comment on the oil field.

            Don’t get me wrong though, I am not saying anyone is bad or good, what I’m saying is, both sides have the good and the bad. You can’t be perfect, nor the others can, we just have too much pride to admit it.

            Expats can be wrong sometimes? definitely, and citizens as well.

      • DX says:

        im an expat…and in this case…yes i like the GTFO comment and agree with 3azeez …some expats just complain too damn much…even when it doesnt make sense to complain… there are a hell lotta things that get banned and weird laws come up in all parts of the world… in denmark for instance..they had a fat tax…tax on ppl who are obese…

  51. michael says:

    you know humanity is doomed when people start a war over hotdogs. it’s just hotdogs. they will still sell hotdogs from other halal brands. calm down. look at yourselves arguing and fighting because of hotdogs. i bet 90% of you here don’t give a damn but you just feel like complaining. you probably cook hotdogs at home once a year! you’d probably get it from a restaurant or something most of the time. put a cork in it people.

  52. Ashraf says:

    Wow.. i wonder how come a post about hot dogs get 160+ comments??

    what’s the big deal??? arn’t there bigger issues in this world?

    out of all the shitty things happening in the world.. we chose the hot dogs to argue about…lol

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