Best Crêpes in Kuwait?

Post by Mark

Can anyone recommend a good crêpe place in Kuwait? Somewhere where I can have a Nutella and banana crêpe that looks like the picture below. I took this pictures in Lebanon on my last visit.

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  1. J says:

    Hi mate

    I dont think you can find a great crepe place in kuwait. Maybe you should try “Al `9aj al libnaany” theu used to be our saj guys at high school and they make a mean nutella sajj.

  2. hamad says:

    actually the best crepes ive had was in switzerland but i visited gust in mishref a while ago and they had an amazing crepe place

  3. Mohammed says:

    Did you tried “The Crepe Cafe” ? They serve the best crepe but I don’t remember reading Nutella in the menu ?!

  4. Tamara says:

    The Coffee Republic, they serve crepes at the one in 360 only. They are deliciously dangerously good.

  5. OZ says:

    ok I Know the best crepe in kuwait and PLEASE try it and tell me if its good, its really great go for nutella and banana or just banana, cut , its not my friends , its not at my college place and its surely not international , its on salem al mubarak Street , lets say laila galary is on your RIGHT , u go straight for 200 mtrs , ull find the crepe place then after it comes kordu then a phone shop then a ba8ala then nawara flafel place.

    remember not the place where they have jhonny o mun3esh o subway o great stake , its when u pass laila galary when its on your right.

    TRY IT srsly , been goin half way through kuwait for it , i live far away from salmiya.

    • NouMou says:

      I know this is an old post, but I had to comment on this comment! I KNOW EXACTLY what you’re talking about and they DO have the BEST crepe, E-VER!! oh my God, just thiking about it…now, I must have one today!

  6. B says:

    In Kuwait I have no idea the WORLD Juan Le Pins !

  7. Bu-Saleh says:

    Try Living Colors @ Tilal Mall in Shuwaikh and The Crepe Cafe. These are by far the best so far in kuwait and they do serve with Nutella and other toppings.

  8. Crepe Lover says:

    “The Crepe Cafe” has the best Crepe in Kuwait. They have a location in The Avenues Mall & at al Raya if i can remember.

  9. Lilia says:

    Not sure if they do it Mais Alghanim restaurant, but in Mais Alghanim cafe which is in ALghanim Head Office they do amazing ones. You should try!

  10. cajie says:

    1 day after the “healthier lifestyle” post?. tsk tsk.

  11. Danderma says:

    in Q8 most crepes have a distinct egg smell… or zfara for some reason and are not that good…

    They say the kinder crepe at living colors cafe is good but frankly i never liked any of their dishes so i am not going to bother…

    You can make your own at home in 5 minutes only by the way and fill it to your hearts content with nutella and bananas :D

  12. Lola says:

    Find some French people and get invited: nutella + banana crepe is a basic in France ;-)

  13. Exile says:

    I hate nutella

  14. rocky says:

    i am with oz u should try it !

  15. Mark says:

    I think Crepe cafe do their crepes the french way which sucks. They fold the crepe into a triangle, then spread chocolate on top with the bananas.

  16. Hany says:

    Coffee Republic in 360. Amazing!

  17. Jan says:

    Not exactly Crepe, but there’s a khabbaz in Mishref who makes Iranian bread FILLED with Nutella. Awesome.

  18. Mark says:

    excuse me? Iranian bread filled with Nutella?? Tell me where!

  19. N10452 says:

    Is this how you plan to eat healthy ?

    Does this mean you are dumping Boubouffe shawarmas ?

  20. Mr. Anonymous says:

    Mark, you have to try the Crepe next to Nawara Falafel after Laila Gallery, I think it is the best Crepe in Kuwait.. Don’t miss it ;)

  21. AR says:

    Nutella is a rather unhealthy chocolate spread. Is made from highy saturated vegetable fats. You’d be better off melting a bar of Green & Blacks organic over the crepes and banana. This is of course not available at any commercial creperie.

  22. Itsallg000d says:

    [Jan] Yes, where is that? a friend told me about khabbaaz that mixes many stuff with breads such as za3taar, cheese … etc I know one khabbaz in Mishref that does bread mixed in dates.

    [Mark] Carrefour sells nice ready-made crepes, you could mix them with just about anything but it seems you hate the french ones anyway.

  23. BNDQ8 says:

    Oh i see u ruled ur crepe cafe already :)hmmm…well actually good question Mark..i cant think of any other place other than crepe cafe!! :S
    !!i heart nutella…infact i have a bottle in my office drawer :D
    Did i just hear Iranian Bread filled with nutella..WHERE???

  24. Leon says:

    I reckon “The Crepe Cafe” serves da best crepes hands down. their menu haz a “nutella crepe” as well so u should go give them a word.

  25. Jan says:

    It’s in Co-op branch block 6

  26. Fajer says:

    try the “creperie” just after alfanar where there are those resturants ;)

  27. KSA prisoner says:

    Deletoile in The Avenues

  28. Teresa says:

    They have a crepe place inside the Zahra Co-op. Their stuff is good but haven’t tried the crepes.

  29. Mesh says:

    i recall there is some nice quite small cozy cafe somewhere in She3b, some where around a Gym, in a complex, didn’t know it’s name, but their crepe was delicious (honestly first time try it crepe and it was great)

  30. Fahad says:

    LOL Mark you can’t have Iranian bread filled with Nutella!

  31. lemon-aid says:

    waterlemon has crepe, living colors, crepe cafe, i forgot the name its creperie i think on salem al mubarak st. right before laila gallery, coffee republic, those are all the ones i can think of at the moment;p

  32. jsnl;n;jjngs says:

    there was a restaurant in jlai3a besides chocolate & macaroon it served AMAZIINNGG crepes but sadly they closed it

  33. Frankom says:

    Hey Mark

    Saj Express has the best saj with Nutella in Kuwait you have to try it man

  34. Ramez says:

    Zaatar w Zeet are doing pie with Nutella & Banana

  35. fun says:

    go to muukan, next to the school ASK. its open from 2pm-10pm. the food there is extremely great, but the location needs a change. basically you just go to the school ASK. if the ASK high school gate (the big one) is to your left, then you go straight and turn left instead of taking a U-turn. and you should see a small road with a small gate. take your first right and look for a very small shop.

  36. Mesh says:

    the name of the one i went to is d. Cafe, located after Flex Gym to the right in She3eb, same street where villa firouz is located.

  37. Winterbells says:

    the living colors best kinder bueno crepe and nutella crepe

  38. hamad says:

    soog al mira has a khabbaz that serves iranian bread with different fillings but surely not nutella …. spicy cheese was KILLER!

  39. Ansam says:

    Wrong… the French way isnt how you explained it :-) They spread your choice of filling and then fold it into a triangle, what you see on top is just extra, it also helps when they bring in the order to know how to distribute’em ;-)

  40. Jan says:

    I’m 100% sure the Mishref block 6 co-op branch has Iranian bread filled with nutella, I ate some myself.

  41. Miss Farah says:

    I love this place it’s near AUB, I make the exact same crepes as these at home I can give you the recipe if you want it’s very easy….but nope in Kuwait I didn’t find one either

  42. Fuad says:

    Mark what a coincidence, I’m actually in the process of opening up a crepe/pancake/waffle joint as we speak, like I’m personally in charge of the project! The place is gonna be specialized in only those 3 things. So let me know if you want anything on the menu since I’m the one putting the stuff on it, trust me, this will be the best crepe and pancake joint in Kuwait no doubt about that. I’ve got some ridiculous stuff on the menu..the first locations in going to be in the khaleejiya complex in Sharq, I’ll be sure to to let you know when it opens, which should be in the beginning of March

  43. Mark says:

    Sounds cool, there is only one thing I want which is Nutella chocolate with chopped bananas :)

  44. 8ITCH says:

    Yeah go to Crepe Cafe at the Avenues, phase 2, second floor, food court, pass Nolita Pizza and Ruby Tuesday, like go all the way to the back and look on your left.

  45. Fuad says:

    that of course will be on the menu but trust me once you find out what other stuff is going to be on the menu you will never have a nutella banana crepe again, i guarantee you that :)

  46. G.K. says:

    The Best I’ve tried so far are at hangout lounge in galleria 2000, its absolutely YUMMY

  47. Haterhaute says:

    Doesn’t Zaatar W Zeit make something like a nutella/banana crepe? I can’t remember exactly if it was nutella that they use but it’s goooood

  48. Khaled says:

    Incase you go to the crepe cafe, Please try the NUTELLA DELIGHT !!!! and please post your comments afterwords :)

  49. BNDQ8 says:

    i recently visited Don Mario’s they have some good crepes tooo!!! :)

  50. Khaled says:

    There’s a new crepe place called “Gourmet Crepes” its opening soon…look out for it :)

  51. Yousef says:

    Bits and Bites in Kuwait, best Nutella Crêpe with banana and strawberry
    Their address is after AUK, 3rd entrance right 5th restaurant on the left side. Instagram account @Bits_and_Bites

  52. Danielle says:

    Just discovered this blog – LOVE it! I had the crepes (and the waffles) at L’Atelier du Chocolat in The Avenues this week and #yummmm recommend all the way!!

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