Blaze Pizza Coming to Kuwait

I only first heard about Blaze Pizza last week when I read an article on Bleacher Report about how LeBron James was a part owner, and how the brand was off to fastest-ever start for food chain. Then a few days later, Blaze Pizza announced that they’ve partnered up with Alshaya to open locations in Africa and the Middle East.

What makes Blaze different from other pizza places is that it was modeled after the Chipotle concept with a made-to-order approach. Customers create their own pizza which then gets cook in a high-temperature open-flame oven in just 3 minutes.

According to the press release, first location should open up in 2018. [Link]

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Like we don’t have enough restaurants in Kuwait.
All restaurants in Kuwait share the almost the same market share.
I think it’s just a cheap franchise to buy it, they really need to know how to create a new market share within the market.

What’s the difference between the pizzas made at Sultan Center, small pizza, or fatayers, or zaatar. Its the same….

Where can I find Chicago styled deep-dish pizza in Kuwait? I heard Boccini in Avenues has it but it’s undergoing renovations.

Any other place?

That pizza is very misleading, looks great but honestly if you’ve had proper deep dish before… You’re going to be disappointed with Boccini. They were really confused when I asked for specific toppings… Uno’s in Mishref is somewhat better but don’t go late.

I too am longing for deep dish pizzas in Kuwait. Loumalnati’s is another great chain for deep dish pizzas. Al shaya should bring them to kuwait

Same message as I posted to Man: Haha bro do u live under a rock? the creator of Deep dish pizza has been in Kuwait for like over 5 years now…it used to be in Avenues…still may be there (I dont do Avenues)….and they have one in Mishref…not a fan at all (too much carb to protein ratio) but at least u’ll get your deep dish fix : )

Dear Kuwaities,

Please stop bringing marginally and temporarily successful, now defunct or soon will be, American food franchises that you used to eat at in your college days.
You are more creative and original than you think. Find it in yourself.

Dear who ever the **** u are

Don’t say dear Kuwaitis cause like 90% of Kuwaitis don’t have a business and even if they did most are just cupcakes. Cupcake businesses are to some extent creative and original, how many calories can one fit in a biteful of cake must keep those bakers up at night. “American food franchises you used to have at college”.. for many restaurants opening it’s their first time in the Middle East and I the majority of people here haven’t left Kuwait to go to university so what you said is just wrong.

What you meant to say was “dear al-shaya” but you just decided to generalise.. how ironic. You probably only go to malls or even just marina, avenues and 360, I’ve recently seen a lot of new original and creative places to eat. To get a franchising license from a defunct or soon to be brand is economically inviable. Your comment to Kuwait or Kuwaitis should be to the gcc it’s the same all over the region, last i read China, Korea and Singapore are having problems due to lots of western franchises taking over.

So, if thou wishes for “more creativity” start a business yourself rather than just sitting there complaining about “temporarily successful” business that make more in a week than you do in quite a lot of years (lifetimes if we are honest).. still very ironic indeed.

Dear Whoever You Are,

Relax. Find other outlets for and stop transferring your personal anger onto a little old commenter who just gave their little old opinion on yet another opening of a yet another pizza restaurant in Kuwait.

Kayfee. I can say whatever I want about this topic. It’s a blog. You can also. But it’s silly and strangely belligerent of you to not comment on the topic itself and expound DRAMATICALLY and angrily on my two or three sentence personal opinion comment.

P.S. I have started my own original food business, which is chugging along very nicely. It’s my second business. Which I sold at a profit a while back.

So there and touché. En garde!

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