Breakfast at the New Revamped LeNotre

Post by Mark

A couple of weeks back LeNotre reopened their 360 Mall location with a revamped look and a new menu. I had heard they brought in the former chef for Le Petit Maison and LaSerre in Dubai, chef Izu Ani to work on the menu so I was really looking forward to trying it.

I ended up passing by Friday morning and LeNotre along with the rest of the mall was pretty empty. There was just one other table occupied so atmosphere wise, it was a bit too chill for my liking. The menu on the other hand looked really appetizing. We got handed a tablet with photos to flip through and everything just looked visually stunning. Like, I wanted to order everything on the menu because everything looked that good. I’d say all of the dishes were just straightforward breakfast dishes like scrambled eggs, omelets, egg Benedict’s etc.. but with each dish having a small twist to make it a bit special. They’re all light (aka not saucy) breakfast dishes you can eat and not end up in a food coma an hour later.

I ended up ordering the sunny side up on toast mixed with mushrooms, my friend ordered the shashuka and we also shared Turkish eggs and French toast. My sunny side up eggs were delicious and the French toast was just crazy good, I couldn’t stop eating it even though I had originally planned to just have a bite or two. The Turkish eggs on the other hand was pretty disappointing since I didn’t think there was enough labneh in the dish. I actually thought they forgot to put any until my friend pointed to what we concluded was a bit of labneh on the plate.

The location in 360 Mall isn’t very exciting but until the new menu launches at other locations, this is the only branch right now that has the new menu. The Marina Mall location which is currently undergoing a similar revamp is supposedly opening in the next coming weeks as well. The prices were very reasonable with my sunny side up dish costing KD2.850, the Turkish Eggs and Shahuka KD3.500 each and the French toast KD3.750. The presentation of all the dishes was really impressive and I’m definitely going to go back to try the rest of the dishes. If you want to see more pictures or get more information, you can check out their instagram account @lenotrekw

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  1. Q8since says:

    Great to hear Mark! We have enough of same breakfast places in kuwait now, but still lacking in having classic but damn good one. After reading your review I can’t wait to visit Le Notre on the Gulf Road once they re-open with new menu. Do you happen to know if they still do buffet breakfast on the weekend? Cheers mate

  2. Kulsum says:

    haa! guess who took the photos ;-)

  3. The Razor says:

    After seeing your post, I was really excited to go to Le Notre and have a good breakfast.

    Unfortunately, I found out that, instead of solving their previous issues, they have become so pretentious after receiving the assistance of chef Izu Ani, and added more issues to their service.

    The menu has only the basics of what a good average restaurant should have. The recipes were executed with average skills and the taste, you have guessed, was average. What was not average in our whole experience was the excessive increase in prices. I apologize, but a basic egg Benedict, a diluted espresso shot (to turn it into an American coffee) in a half filled glass, with a 150 ml orange juice (very pulpy), with unskilled waiters, costed me 8.500 KD (around 28 USD).

    I believe that chef Izu, with the hopeless case that was in hand (medium skilled kitchen staff), had to return to basics (what an average chef with basic skills could achieve).

    Personally, I would rarely visit this place again, because there are really excellent chefs around in town who can compete with the most skilled international chefs, and who serve a much better egg Benedict (fine dining level) with a good coffee, and who are not so pretentious to rip me off.

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