Cadbury Chocolate Milk

Post by Mark

Why does Sultan Center in Lebanon carry Cadbury Chocolate Milk and the one in Kuwait doesn’t? It used to be my favorite chocolate milk back when they did carry it. I bought one at first and drank it while still in the supermarket parking lot and then I went back inside and got two more which I also drank on the spot. Still tastes as good I remember it.

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  1. Zorbon says:

    Could be issues with importing it into kuwait…could be no big demand…
    there are lots of flavoured milk brands in kuwait…

  2. E A A S says:

    or maybe it contains alcohol

  3. feras says:

    the mara3y and Kdcow are as good ,, cant forget KDD too

  4. Anonymous says:

    They’re missing the booze in Sultan Center Kuwait too.

  5. ali m. says:

    go to the TSC customer service .. i’m sure they can get it for you ;)

  6. balvoa3030 says:


  7. GH0S1_R33P0R says:

    @2: if it did then no wonder i drank loads of it when i was a kid

  8. kwt23 says:

    mako 3ala KDD Chocolate Milk…wish they had it in the US

  9. eLeeT says:

    yeah, its the best chocolate milk ever..
    and didnt TSC used to stock it? cos i remember having it in kuwait a few times ..

  10. Kirby says:

    Gotta agree with kwt23! :)

  11. Seham.S says:

    kw23 you are absolutely right.

  12. zaydoun says:

    Dude there’s a wine section and all kinds of ham in TSC Lebanon and you’re griping about Cadbury’s? LOL

  13. Ramez says:

    I cant find KDD chocolate milk anywhere in Kuwait

  14. Bo6air says:

    Sultan Center is never consistent. even in Kuwait, you can find things in one Slutan Center and not in the other (not talking about wholesale TSC either)

  15. Holla says:

    try the galaxy choco milk here, it’s really rich and awesome..

  16. Realist says:

    Can’t beat KDD ! Ok maybe it’s an acquired taste, but still it has the right blend of cocoa flavor quality milk and sweetness.

  17. Hielda says:

    @ maybe pig?

    Saying “bearded cavemen” was not something polite to say…. !!!

  18. E A A S says:

    @ 15
    I was surprised by it too

    HOW RUDE !

  19. Anon says:

    The Milk Drink is manufactured in Ireland under license from Cadbury. Further, the laws of Kuwait require arabic labeling and no product can enter the country without proper labeling.

    The short shelf life, inconvenience and added cost of labeling every milk carton, buying the product through a UK wholesaler, existing competition (Galaxy makes a premium chocolate drink in Saudi) make the product uncompetitive to be distributed in the market.

  20. Mark says:

    Sorry missed that comment and just deleted it

  21. Mesh says:

    Get Cadbury bars and try to blend it your self, test many milk samples see what you can get lo until you are satisfied with the taste lol

  22. Mesh says:

    and yea KDD Chocolate is rare these days..

  23. Ramez says:

    I heard that is the KDD factor was on fire

  24. Ozy says:

    I love this brand although sometimes the price puts me off and i go for KDD instead.. How much were they being sold in Leb for Mark..?

  25. Mark says:

    Anon: The label of the pack is in arabic and english. It also has an expiry date of 10 months.

    Holla: Galaxy sucks, tooo sweet and heavy

  26. The Kuwaiti Godfather says:

    Lets aetition for getting Cadbury Chocolate milk back because I tried it once and it was great! I have seen the Cadbury powder that you mix with milk but its not the same!

  27. The Kuwaiti Godfather says:

    I meant petition

  28. salah says:

    how much were they?

  29. Mark says:

    in Lebanon they’re 500fils a pack. Not cheap but really worth it.

  30. lulu says:

    aren’t u lactose intolerant ?!
    try the mars muffin if that interests you … :) from sultan

  31. NS says:

    The company is trying to sell for a long time and I will be happy not to see Kraft buying it as they are becoming one of the largest holding company of food, also for your info the chocolate which is made for US people completely different from the real one, even Godiva. I know Mark is a chocoholic too.

    The best to make your own chocolate very easy and healthier too. If you read the nutrition and there is IRON-0 it means what you are eating cocoa butter which is not healthy. Buy the Lindt Excellence bar extra dark 3.5 OZ 85% cocoa, then mix 2 bars with one can of condensed milk. You can Google: How to temper chocolate to choose the way you like. I normally pour it over all kinds of nuts making my own granola bars.

    Also any chocolate has less than 10% iron I personally consider it waste of money and pleasure to enjoy. Look for this brand for good chocolate: Green & Black’s Organic, you might find it at Sultan Center ?

    Mark, you might like to take Nat and visit them in UK, check their web and event..

  32. NS says:

    Check this out if you are living in US as Hershey have licensing rights to Cadbury. You can see if you buy the royal dark has 6% iron the other 2%.

  33. Mark says:

    NS: there is only one chocolate factory nat would want to visit and its Nutella. And then she would never leave it.

  34. NS says:

    Read the latest comments about Nutella. Also my family was kind of addicted to it as the European ingredients differ from the American in the old days…Read most of the comments.

    I’m sure Nat whom by the way looks a lot like my own daughter Nat too; she must be my lost twin daughter hahahaha.

    Nat, you can roast the hazelnuts, peel then crush them in the food processor adding melted chocolate , voila — the best ever you taste. Sorry guys lately I have to do everything the old way, I hate what the manufactures keep adding to the food to preserve….Nothing is better than fresh ones. I wish you are close to me to try this morning cooking fresh orange pudding with peach and roasted coconuts adding dark chocolate…Yummmm.

    By the way Nat, chocolate is healthy for the hair or Mark can finish the leftover…..:) You should watch for copy rights these photo good for advertisement.

  35. Mark says:

    Dude that’s not nat, it’s random photos I found online

  36. NS says:

    :) :) Too bad, I was just about arranging a trip for Nat to Italy/Alba where is Ferrero manufacture who makes Nutella…..Well! We need real photos…

  37. Bobdayer says:

    who cares about her photos, I dont give a flying crap. Mark was trying to describe nat’s relationship with nutella metaphorically using photos from the web. Some please NS stop hijacking the gaddam discussion and leave the eyes on cadbury and their chocolate milk, thank you.

  38. NS says:

    EXCUSE ME, Bobdayer, first of all I’m not writing on your blog. Do you think I’m that stupid that Mark will take me serious and put Nat pictures? If you don’t understand the sense of humor between the lines, I’m not going down to your level since this blog doesn’t belong to either (you or me). No more comments

  39. Alia'a says:

    You can actually email the “just ask” section in sultan center asking them if they’ll ever get or consider getting it. That’s what it took to get Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream in Sultan Center thanks to a friend of mine.

  40. Mark says:

    They got A&W Root Beer thanks to me :)

  41. nadim says:


    try only halal drinks please be it cadbury or galaxy ….only try halal drinks please do your full research before purchasing any drink or chocolate …as im regretting please most of the chcoloates are not suitable for muslims …please read the info or ask someone before having any chocolote .we all have face ALLAH one day …always remmeber that ….thanks alot for reading

    kind regards

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