Delicious Dumplings from Wu Fu Dumpling Bar

On Saturday while at Qout Market, I got to try a new dumpling place called Wu Fu Dumpling Bar and it was delicious. It was so good I actually had it again last night at their restaurant. Well technically not their restaurant, they operate out of the kitchen of another restaurant that’s located inside Shuwaikh Market called Zoi. If you’ve never been to Shuwaikh Market, it’s a fairly gloomy looking place and pretty much dead all of the time. When I was there last night there was nobody else at the restaurant so the atmosphere was non existent. Also, if you’re expecting a Chinese theme of a sort then you’re also out of luck since Zoi is actually a Greek Restaurant with an interior that looks like an inside of old cottage with other parts looking like an outdoor garden. Not a nice place to sit, but I was there for the dumplings so didn’t really care.

Wu Fu are also on Carriage so you don’t have to visit the restaurant if you don’t want to, but I like my dumplings fresh out of the pot which is why I chose to go to them instead of have the food come to me. Last night Wu Fu were super busy with Carriage orders and I ended up waiting around 40 minutes for my two dumpling dishes. I actually had a third order but they had to cancel it for me since they ran out of it before it was my turn, in fact, they were pretty much out of everything on their menu last night. The food took forever to come and I was pretty frustrated, but when the food finally did arrive it was so good it made everything better. They were very apologetic about the delay, they just had a ton of Carriage orders and were trying their best to keep up.

I should mention that other than the fact their dumplings are delicious, they’re also reasonably priced. An order of dumplings which consists of 10 pieces costs around KD2.800. They have around ten different kinds of dumplings they make using either lamb, beef or chicken, as well as having vegetarian and vegan options available as well. But if yesterday was a regular day for them then it looks like they sell out from most of their stuff by around 7 or 8PM.

If you want to have the dumplings fresh then you can visit Wu Fu at Zoi in Shuwaikh Market or else find them on Carriage and maybe the next Qout Market. Check them out on instagram @wufu_kwt

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OMG. Yessss! I was craving momo’s just last evening and today this post! Big Brother is definitely watching!!

Yes, the Momos at Chautari Restaurant are amazing! I also dig their hot and sour chicken soup…among the other authentic dishes on the menu which are also delicious. In addition, the prices are insanely inexpensive for such kick-ass food.

I just tried it yesterday it was delicious. Thank you for suggesting this place. This will be one of my go to place if I crave for some momos.

Those areas are so hard to reach ! With never ending construction and tiny little signs on road which you will notice them right after you missed the exit/turn!!
They kept openning cool places in shewaikh but they should make it accecible 🙄

We went to Shuweikh Market just for the dumplings, she gave us the menu and told us after a while that only 3 kinds of dumplings are available!
NOT WORTH IT! We left and went to USQUYU

Dear Sara,

We’re really sorry to hear that.
Because we share the same kitchen with the restaurant “ZOI” there might’ve been some confusion with the ZOI employees as Wu Fu was closed on the 7th and the 8th of December.
The entire menu should be available every working day.

Once again, sorry to hear about your terrible experience

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