Elevation Burger Opening on the Seef Strip

Post by Mark


Elevation Burger is opening up a new location on the Seef Strip in place of where Pintxos used to be. I’m curious to see if Elevation will be able to break the curse of that location since everything that has opened in that spot never ended up doing well.

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  1. oh #$%* i loved Pintxos

  2. meh says:

    That corner is a jinxed place.

    • Mark says:

      the worst is the corner place where dunkin donuts used to be next to fanar in salmiya

      • th says:

        I agree with Mark on this one.

        I even dropped a 20 note when Dunkin had just opened there and returned 10 minutes later after realizing and it was gone.

      • bader says:

        the worst is that location opposite to SBX at the entrance in The Palms. That spot had a Japanese restaurant open fail and close. Then Zeeburger by Maki open fail and close, and then Nestle toll house, open fail and close.

        • Mark says:

          Nah, the Salmiya spot had International Video Club > Long John Silvers > Dunkin Donuts > Chow King. In between and before there were some no brand places that opened and also closed there but I just remember the franchise names.

  3. zaydoun says:

    Great.. the strip was really missing burgers

  4. Nnnn says:

    Slider Station is likely to lose their customers to elevation burger since they make you make 45 mins to one hour max during the weekends.

    • th says:

      yes they will lose a few for sure

    • meh says:

      I would say Burger Hub will be the one losing customers. Slider Station is at full capacity all the time, I can’t imagine how you can define losing a customer for them.

      • bader says:

        burger hub has already lost a lot of their loyal customers when they decided to close awhile back for renovation. During that period a lot of their customers transferred to the other 10000 burger joints available and for some reason their food is no longer up to the standards they offered long back when they first opened.

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