Em Sherif Now Open in Kuwait

I had no idea Em Sherif was opening in Kuwait so I was pretty surprised to find out they had recently opened up. Em Sherif is an upscale fine dining Lebanese restaurant that offers a set menu for lunch and dinner. I’ve been to their Dubai location and it’s always a fantastic experience with really amazing food accompanied by a beautiful interior and mood. In Kuwait they opened up at Palms and costs KD25 per person.

If you’re interested they’re on instagram @emsherifkuwait

Photo by @Greytriangleee

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Finally, more fine-dine options in Kuwait <3
Now we need michelin star chefs to start opening up outlets in Kuwait

The ‘franco-ottoman’ decor in the picture above is lovely. Sadly the Kuwaiti branch went with a more ‘persian’ look.

So you haven’t been there and you’re already criticizing the decor based on one semi abstract photo on their instagram? The picture in this post which you prefer over their decor is their decor here in Kuwait. Not sure what I need to do to convince you of that, check the photos they’re tagged in you’ll find others.

Yes, exactly, I haven’t been there and I was criticizing the decor based on a few photos (some abstracts, some not) on their instragram. I made that very clear in my previous post.

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