Filipo The Filipino Pop-up

Post by Mark

After a slight change of plans, the Filipo The Filipino pop-up event is going to take place tonight and tomorrow night. The menu will be comprised of contemporary dishes that have been injected with some Filipino soul, so should be interesting experience. The event will be taking place in a warehouse in Shuwaikh so if you want more details, click [Here]

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  1. Viviane says:

    Can we have more information please?

  2. jaber says:

    was thinking of going today? any reviews?

    • Mark says:

      i passed by yesterday for like 20 minutes, i’d skip it.

      – location is terrible due to the complete lack of parking in that area during that time
      – the setup looked very tacky
      – the lighting killed any mood, too brightly lit
      – there was no vibe
      – not enough seating
      – the place stank
      – everyone sitting looked upset
      – everyone standing just looked awkward
      – actually the whole thing looked and felt very awkward from the minute you walk in and try to understand whats going on or what you’re supposed to do there
      – food was pricy but figured i’d try it. i sat down and ordered a few dishes and a few minutes later i noticed nobody on the table was eating, so i asked the waiter if they had started serving and he said no they had an issue in the kitchen. like why didn’t you mention that to me when i placed the order? so i canceled my order and left

      • amena says:

        agreed. i got in at 6:30pm and by the time we had been served our sub-par food, it was 7:50pm.

        they forgot our appetizer and served us the main dishes 20 minutes apart. The “Jewipino Manguez” aka oiled up noodles & egyptian sausage was by far the worst thing i’ve ever eaten. the “I Adobo You” was also very heavy and this is not to mention that none of the food tasted Philipino or even close to Asian. i was extremely disappointed.

        their “campaign” had some potential, but they failed in every aspect. i canceled the appetizer and noped the fuck out of there. do not recommend.

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