Inside the Abandoned Kenny Rogers Roasters

Post by Mark


A couple of weeks back while driving by the Scientific Center I noticed the fenced wall around the abandoned Kenny Rogers Roasters had come down. I decided that once I was off my crutches I would head there and try to see if I could get inside but it looks like I was beaten to the punch. Over the weekend the blog Life in Kuwait visited the location and shot some pictures and video of the inside. The place seems to be in much better condition than I expected it to be and it’s also a lot larger than I imagined as well. Check out the photos and video of the place [Here]

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  1. Dun says:

    I loved that place. It had a great location with delicious food. I hope they bring it back, at least a change from burger joints.

  2. juualo says:

    What happened to the World’s Greatest Chicken?

  3. Ahmed says:

    Does anyone know why it was closed down? I only remember hearing a rumor that it was planning to be opened, but on the day of opening, they decided to close down.

  4. Rashisha says:

    What’s weird is that all the equipment and stuff is still there…. and looks like its in tact too

  5. Naser says:

    It burned. Some of the equipment caught fire. They closed down one day on December 1996 and never opened again. I took a file with the staff entries and log ins. The last one was on December 1996. Im always there and theres a basement that you can access. Really creepy. You cant really stand up in the basement. It has some heaters and stuff. Its really weird that they built it on that old abandoned place. Does anyone know what it is? i heard it was a palace.

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