Jeans Grill Salmiya has Closed Down

Post by Mark

Jeans Grill was a pretty popular restaurant back in the 90s, and the one on the top floor of Sultan Center Salmiya was probably the most popular location since it was open 24/7. Back in the 90s, there were barely any restaurants that opened 24/7, so if you wanted to hang out somewhere late at night, you’d always end up at Jeans Grill. I even went there after my prom with a bunch of friends, so I’m sure other people have memories of the place as well.

I don’t recall the last time I ate at Jeans Grill, but I used to walk by it often while shopping and always admired the fact that it still looked exactly the same. But it clearly wasn’t doing as well as it used to, and recently the Sultan Center Salmiya location was closed down. I originally thought they were revamping it but instead, they opened a coffee shop in its place. Now I kinda regret not having one last dinner there.

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  1. Farah says:

    Ahh memories. My Dad used to take my sister and I there for breakfast every Friday morning for pancakes, and then we’d buy toys and candy from TSC on our way out. Some of my happiest moments were spent there. ❤️

  2. vampire says:

    Last meal was 2 years ago.. I love jeans grill

  3. Nomsville says:

    I’m relatively new here so I don’t have any nostalgic association with Jeans Grill, but I tried their Souq Sharq location and the food was a complete letdown.

  4. kenshiro says:

    Dear Mark!

    I used to love this blog when it had authentic, grassroots content of experiences in Kuwait. Sadly, most of the posts now cater to corporate interests and shameless ad plugs for companies that are only driven by the profit motive as I have grown frustrated in Kuwait that I can only buy a smile when flashing my debit card.

    • Mark says:

      But the post is about a place that closed down, not one that’s open for you to go spend your money at.

      But if you’re referring to the content, then yes the direction of the blog has changed over the 14 years. It used to be a very personal blog covering my personal experiences (and mostly complaints) but over the 14 years it’s evolved to be less about me and more about Kuwait. Every now and then I will inject personal stuff but not as much as I used to. But the formula is always changing so I always tell people, if you don’t like content a specific week just wait till the next one. Content varies depending on what I’m doing in life.

      • Mark says:

        I just reread what you wrote and realized I misread your comment. I now regret being so polite in my response to you.

        “cater to corporate interests and shameless ad plugs for companies that are only driven by the profit ”

        What the fuck are you talking about? If there is one thing companies hate me for its that I don’t plug them!

  5. JeansGrill says:

    Dear All,

    I am the marketing manager of Jeans Grill restaurant.

    On behalf of Jeans Grill Restaurant, we would like to thank you all for those beautiful comments.
    Just to make stuff clear, Yes we actually closed Salmiya and Sharq Branch, but we combined them both to one branch which is at the Arabian Gulf Street – Waterfront.

    Jeans Grill is still one of the best restaurants and will always be.

    You can check our daily updates on our
    Instagram: @jeansgrill
    Facebook: @jeansgrillkw
    Or you can visit us

    Again, we appreciate your beautiful comments and looking forward to see you all at our restaurant.

    Thank You.

  6. The Other Ahmed says:

    I remember trying their Sultan Burger back in 2007, and it was kinda pricey at the time, but I liked it.

  7. manabry44 says:

    i used to love jeans grill
    brings back so many memories
    good ones

  8. Mishal F A Abul says:

    When i lived in Kuwait from 1993-1998 Jeans Grill was a place my mom & i used to frequent. There wasnt a ton of food options back than & Jeans Grill was very good food. Sad to hear an old happy memory gone but fact is it cant keep up with modern times & fads in Kuwait

  9. cajie says:

    Been ages since I’ve been to Jeans Grill waterfront. I remember they had a promo where they would give something free to anyone celebrating their birthday.

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