List of Speciality Coffee Shops and their Locations

Post by Mark

Over the weekend I updated my old post which listed the majority of speciality coffee shops around Kuwait by adding some new spots. While updating the list I realized it had grown to the point of becoming difficult to go through and so wasn’t very useful. Thats why I decided to painstakingly go through the list and divide up the coffee shops based on location. This should make the list easier to explore so check it out below:

Abu Al Hasania
Dose Cafe
Tripple A Cafe
V60 Coffee Bar

Al Zahra’a

RumorZ Cafe
Wing Cafe

Kuwait City
7 Grams
20 Grams
33 Cafe
Alpha Café
Ark Coffee Co.
ASPRO + PRO Coffee Bar
Awake Coffee
BLAKK Coffee
Bon Coffee
But First Coffee
Caveman Coffee
Cova Specialty Coffee
Dose Cafe
Drip Cafe
His Majesty
Kaffa Kuwait
Kôfē – Espresso Bar
Let’s Coffee
Mood Coffee Bar
Muse Coffeesphere
Muse Espresso Bar
Not Just Coffee
OIA Coffee
OZ Coffee
Pause Coffee
Perhaps Some Coffee
Pirate Cafe
Richard’s Coffee
Savage Coffees
Sisters & Co
Street Cafe
The Breeze Cafe
Three and Barista
Toby’s Estate
Vol 1
Wish Cafe

Ace Coffee
Made Caffe
OROMO Coffee Bar
Swing Coffee House

Vibes Coffee

Majnoon Qahwa

Amo Cafe

Muse Lounge
Mr Koobs
New Brew Coffee

Boost Cafe
Car Wash Cafe
Force Bar
Keys Coffee Shop
Shuwaikh Coffee
Ves Vas
Vol 1

In case I missed a place let me know.

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47 comments, add your own...

  1. Sarah says:

    Triple A 😍😍😍😍! Best coffee in Kuwait!

  2. Sam says:

    Good man.

    Not trying to troll, but wouldn’t Starbucks Reserve be included
    in the list? Irrespective of what you might feel about ‘Starbucks’

  3. Eddie says:

    One More in Mahboula. @oromo_kw oromo coffee bar recently opened.

  4. Jay says:

    Whoa! Too many of them! I wonder how many are doing good business though

  5. Nickname says:

    Nice. We can’t complain we have plenty options to choose. Although I must say most of them they serve in paper cups, all of that work, researching, toasting, roasting. Studying, brewing, pouring, frothing, latte art knowledge, to serve in a PAPER CUP .

    It just doesn’t make sense.

    Spend some more and serve in ceramic mugs!

    ( yes I’m one of those guys who has been drinking coffee since the second wave)

    ( arabica, caffeine, and those who serve or at least has the option of ceramic ) chapeu.

  6. Sh says:

    Kuwait City just went BOOM.

  7. Bahaa says:

    For those who have tried more than a few on the list, which would you say is best in terms of “a fun nice place to hang out/get some work done and have good coffee”?

    Thanks for listing them by location Mark. Very useful.

  8. Abdullah al m. says:

    To be honest 2 or 3 of the listed “coffee shops” are not bad,
    the rest is just crap. A shitty crap too

    • Mark says:

      What are your favorites? Mine are probably arabica, caffeine, Toby’s, vol 1 and Richards coffee now that they moved to their new permanent location

      • Abdullah al m. says:

        Arabica and vol.1 are top 2 in my opinion. for just plain coffee, Arabica is hands down the best, vol.1 great atmosphere and sweet drinks.

        Coffee shops like tripple A, Jumo and the other hundred really do taste like crap, repeating that its crap is a must. I believe the owners just wanted to have their own business, and while seeing vol.1 and Arabica succeed, they thought hey why not!? We’ve seen this with burgers, yoghurts, desserts and so on..

        We just love to copy

        • Hamad says:

          Copy but with a twist and to be willing to maximize a product/idea to its full potential. Unfortunately, what we see is nothing but mere lazy duplication of the same idea over and over expecting to be the next “new trend”.

    • Nickname says:

      Yes !
      Finally some sense.

      Thanks Abdullah

  9. Alison Dias says: it next to 33 cafe.

  10. Bader says:

    You can consider adding these as well;

    Coffee Masters Café – opening soon in Salmiya
    Coff Cafe – Ardiya
    Oia Coffee – Kuwait City
    Skinny Fork Café – Kuwait City

  11. TDMM says:

    Thanks for the list Mark.

    Does anybody know if any of these offer fresh roasted coffee beans for purchase?

    • Mark says:

      Arabica sell beans, they have around 12 or more kinds of available and they can roast them fresh anyway you like and while you wait. i usually get their in house arabica blend mix.

  12. Fahed says:

    Not sure if it qualifies as “Speciality Coffee Shop” but Sol Café in Bnaider.

  13. Sam says:

    What’s the name of the place that opened in the underground passage next to Pick? Is it on the list?

  14. David says:

    My Preferred are Arabica and Vol1

    Marc did you ever try Kimbo Coffee?
    Its almost a coffe Shop, the sell many types od Beans (even BIO) and the quality of the coffe is very high.

    Kimbo Coffee
    Salmiya (Salim Almubarek Street)
    As Sālimīyah

  15. Q8since says:

    Heya. Dose just opened their 2nd store at Lake Complex by fahaheel freeway in Abu al Hassaniya. Perhaps you want to add it to your list.

  16. Mish says:

    There is also Made Caffe in Mahboula it opened recently. It is really good.

  17. teenum says:

    Etsi Kafe Lab has been shut down and USHK has opened in it’s place. I know because I work close to it.

  18. Abdullah says:

    I think a lot of them should not be labeled “speciality coffee” since many of them don’t use good quality and fresh roasted coffee.

  19. Burhan Khalid says:

    This is a nice list, but not really “specialty” coffee – as many of them sell the same swill as the next guy, just with a different theme to the place.

    Exception being Arabica (they actually only care about the coffee, which I appreciate).

    The rest of them … if I were to remove the labels and put them all in a generic brown cup, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference.

    I look across the street (I work near the strip where Toby’s and Bon, et al. are located) and its the same kind of coffee just different logo / branding / decor.

    Again, Arabica being the exception.

    The best part is how they have transformed this part of downtown. All of a sudden its the hip place to be and be seen.

    Doesn’t help the traffic situation though.

    PS. Mark, Specialty not Speciality

  20. Jay says:

    Though not mentioned on this list, I think Illy is the trashiest and most overpriced coffee..have had a couple of bad experiences and i’m staying AWAY from it!

  21. aziz says:

    Ardiya Herafiya – COFF – كوف

  22. Eddie says:

    A new coffe shop is Abu Halifa Cafe Cube

  23. Junekuwait says:

    Find more in the hashtag #coffeeshopsinkuwait

  24. Ameriki says:

    Whats the deal with Mug in Mangaf. Everytime I drive down the coast road the traffic is totally hosed due to 60 million people parked all by Mug. Never seen any other coffee shop that packed in Kuwait.

  25. Wing cafe says:

    It’s Jahra not Jabriya

  26. Thanks for adding us in the list, and we wish to see you soon to try our well-made (Espresso/Filter) SPECIALTY coffee ☕

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