MrBeast Burgers in Kuwait Tomorrow

MrBeast Burger is a burger concept by the super popular internet personality MrBeast. If you haven’t heard of him, he has over 165 million subscribers on YouTube and is mostly known for his extravagant stunts and challenges videos.

MrBeast Burger is popping up in Kuwait tomorrow (July 7) and for one day only. Talabat will be hosting MrBeast Burger and they’ll be going live around 11AM. Delivery will be to most of Kuwait except for Mangaf, Sabahiya and Jahra.

The burger reviews online are pretty mixed, but based on MrBeasts popularity, I’d assume Talabat are going to be pretty busy tomorrow.

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The weird thing about this, is that he recently announced he will be discontinuing the MrBeast Burger, primarily due to it’s inconsistency in terms of quality

This is so weird, I never expected it would come to Kuwait. UAE maybe, but Kuwait? We didn’t even get the BTS meal at McDonald’s, but UAE got it! 😂

Funny, when I decide to go vegetarian he shows up in Kuwait. Maybe I’ll try the grilled cheese sandwich

Nothing yet as far as I can see. Also, where did this information get told? Googling mrbeast burger kuwait doesn’t yield much other than this page.

Hey, sorry to reply so late. I did search the Talabat app and the Talabat Web page for the keywords mrbeast and mrbeast burger. It finally showed up around 14:00 or so. So, you were right. And they didn’t deliver to where I stay Jaber Al Ahmad 🥲 I’m not one for trends, but I thought a one day only experience would be interesting. Hope you tried it. I read the food was average. I put the information above so maybe it can be useful for possible future obscure events like yesterday’s. I have no idea how you get your information. You’re like a spy.

Hey Omar! Sad lonely boys shouldn’t spend time on the internet but here you are! Have you tried making friends in school or do you prefer to stay bitter?

didn’t know movies teenage bullies existed in real life until i saw this weird comment! are you sick bro? xD

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