My favorite salmon dish

Post by Mark

Had a great salmon dish today and I think its currently my favorite salmon dish in Kuwait. Surprisingly I had it at The ONE restaurant in Marina Mall. Who would have figured.

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  1. Matt says:

    What’s the sauce on top?

    • Mark says:

      Here’s the full description:

      Salmon with Cucumber and Dill Sauce
      Salmon fillet marinated with onion, garlic, lemon pepper, dill and paprika. Grilled and served with parmesan green pea mash, finished with salmon caviar and nori flakes.

      Also had the Macadamia nut-crusted hammour today, ridiculous.

      • Moayad says:

        KD 4.400?! That’s cheaper than Paul (which serves great salmon by the way), about IKEA price!

        • Mark says:

          i should pass by and try the paul salmon, haven’t had it before.

          I’ve officially been to The ONE 5 times this week. Tried their safron chicken and the macadamia crusted hammour with a white chocolate sauce. The chicken was so so but the hammour… delicious.

  2. BB says:

    I would say the best Salmon dish was at Totally Fish (when they were open at Marina Crescent) the salmon cooked inside the banana tree leaf.

  3. Desert Girl says:

    The One Cafe has amaaaaazing food. Best eggs Benedict in Kuwait and other good breakfast options. They regularly change their menu. The seasonal pies and cakes are great too – especially around Christmas.

  4. Hielda says:

    The ONE usually serves very good food.. I used to go there quite often, then they changed the menu and dropped/changed all the menu items as well as the quality of food served, I complained to them once about that and then I stopped going..

  5. aaa says:

    THE ONE has a really good restaurant. Like I always thought “it’s a furniture store how good can the food be”, they should have branded it as something else.

  6. Lara says:

    The service personnel shuffles every now and then and I noticed some slowness lately but their food quality remains very good! Well for Kuwaiti standards normal as there are so many good food joints around …food is one of the really good things in Kuwait …they do very good beetrootcake !

  7. Tebow says:

    of course… since its not in the avenues or one of your acquaintances :P

  8. Sheila says:

    The One IS the best restaurant in Kuwait with the emphasis on the word restaurant, not fast food joint.

  9. zaydoun says:

    I was once dragged to lunch at The One against my will and was pleasantly surprised to find each dish we ordered to be very well prepared and delicious!

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