I need a good non-vegetarian Indian restaurant

Post by Mark


Last week I passed by the Sheraton Hotel and had lunch at their Bukhara Indian Restaurant. It was my first time at Bukhara and really had high expectations. I always love going to Sheraton since it reminds me of my childhood but I really wasn’t impressed with Bukhara. The location and service was great but the food was fairly lackluster for the price.

My usual favorite Indian restaurant is Saravanaa Bhavan but it’s vegetarian so I’m looking for recommendations on a non-vegetarian Indian restaurant. One I might not have heard of before, preferably a hole in the wall. If you know of a good one let me know.

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  1. Mano says:

    Try zafran , Asha

    • Mansour Ali says:

      not the real indian taste.

    • mo says:

      i will recommend Rotti Mahal on the gulf road…the best there is in kuwait.
      since Mahraja Palace back in the day

    • Azhar says:

      Deccan Darbar Hyderabadi Restaurant

    • Arthaf says:

      Hi Mano,

      Thanks for recommending Zafran…
      we strive to offer a truly Indian experience through the authentic cuisine and a vibrant Ambience,Did you know that Zafran does not use any artificial coloring or flavours in its recipes and all its condiments and chutneys are home made.. Hows that !!!
      We look forward to the pleasure of welcoming you back to our new redisigned outlet named ‘Zafran Indian Bistro’ located at Lights complex, Mahboula, Seaside.

      Arthaf M.K

  2. nezar says:

    Try “copper chimney” at al-bida’a
    and try their tandoori dishes:

    Murg Kalimirch – Chicken
    Burrah Chop – Lamb

    Bith dishes arev very soft and tender and tastes very good with meduim spicy. but the lamb dish will not fill you enough. better have an extra dish.

    for desserts, go for the Kulfi. One of the best I have ever tried.

    enjoy :)

  3. Husayn says:

    Moti Mahal on Gulf road
    Rangoli at Radisson
    Soul n Spice at Courtyard Marriott
    Mughal Mahal in Hawally
    Jamawar at Crowne plaza(not been there)

    Hole in the wall ..
    Khyber (behind Muthanna)

    Also, try out Pakistani food at
    Shahi Qila (City, in the same area as Solo Pizza)
    Khan-baba in Fahaheel
    Wah ji Wah in Salmiya Block 10

  4. Bassem says:

    Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant
    Habeeb Munawer Street, Area 4, Al Farwaniyah Governorate, Kuwait, Farwaniya, Kuwait

  5. Acerboy says:

    Did you try Taal at bidaa ? its partnered by Indian and Al Sabah family

  6. IH says:

    Try Anjappar in Farwania opposite Metro cinemas. its an South Indian restaurant a bit spicy.

    • Mark says:

      Yeah I was just checking out their website, seems like the kind of place I was hoping to find http://anjapparkuwait.com/

      • Mathai says:

        I’d highly recommend Anjappar since their target customers are the Indian expats and not the local population.

        The high-end/fine dining Indian restaurants in Kuwait are not really authentic and you’d be better off going to one of those working class places where you get really good food minus the pretense.

        • Burhan says:

          By the way, this also applies to other restaurants as well.

          There is also Banana Leaf restaurant in Salmiya behind the garden; in block 10 off of Yousef Al Bader street.

          Good food and generous refills. Last time I was there (a long time ago), they even had individual TVs on each table.

          Highly recommended and you won’t get a lot of fluff there.

          Across the street from it is a Pakistani restaurant where I usually get my breakfast fix.

        • spicyessence says:

          We used to go to Anjappar for their Saturday morning brunch back in Toronto. Haven’t tried the Anjappar here, but will check it out!

      • Blueelephantintheshroom says:

        Did you ever try Anjappar? It’s a great export from India. Copper Chimney is IMO best of what I’ve tried so far of Indian. Is Bukhara still really bad? Thinking of trying the one in Avenues.

    • S says:

      Not a fan of Anjappar :/ Asha’s is pretty good (on the pricier side) and so is Zaffran. Ceasars Dhakshin I really liked as well, and the prices are reasonable, though ask them to tone down the spices if you cant handle it. Havent tried Taal yet.

  7. Kuwaitiful says:

    Try Zafran, they’re my favourite right now.

    In front of Fanar Mall, either 1st or 2nd floor of Center Point.

    • Arthaf says:

      Hi Kuwaitful,

      Its heartening to know that you enjoyed your dining experience at Zafran.
      we strive to offer a truly Indian experience through the authentic cuisine and a vibrant Ambience,
      We look forward to the pleasure of welcoming you back to our new redisigned outlet named ‘Zafran Indian Bistro’ located at Lights complex, Mahboula, Seaside.

      Arthaf M.K

  8. Dougmacho says:

    Mark, you don’t fancy Green Land anymore?

  9. Desert Girl says:

    I love Bukhara. Not impressed by Taal. Asha’s I like a lot. Indigo for carry-out (on talabat also) is very good.

    What I really want is a true Pakistani restaurant. Any recommendations?

  10. "P" says:

    If you really want a hole in the wall, you should try my favorite Indian restaurant so far: Oriental.
    It’s located on Fahad Al Salem street… From the Sheraton roundabout towards Muthanna on your right hand side.

  11. Insanity says:

    Go to Zafran opp fanar . Just next to center point.
    IT’s got great mixed grill and Meat Biryani.

  12. Aleem says:

    Food Inn, in front of Eede bakala in Salmiya.
    Love their Tandoori chicken and Butter chicken.

  13. John says:

    1) Zafran above CentrePoint Salmiya – They have a few dishes and they do them well. Try everything from starters to deserts. Michelin starred chef and fantastic food. The secret to great Indian food is when the restaurant makes their own masala’s as opposed to purchasing them from the Jamaiya. They are also the only one’s to deliver amazingly packaged takeouts – I order them through Talabat. But do a dine-in, the restaurant is nicely done up.
    2) Anjappar in Farwaniya – cheaper and authentic south indian cuisine
    3) Taal in Al’Bidaa – Try it again though you’ve been there before. Their Kulfi is amazing.

    1) Asha’s – Overtly expensive for average food
    2) Mughal Mahal – Average food. All dishes taste the same because they do not use specific masala’s for each dish.

    I’ve typed an essay out – the least in return for your endless devotion to us. Do however let me know if you ever do Copper Chimney at Al’Bidaa. I’m looking for a sacrifical goat before I splurge! :)

  14. Mathai says:

    Here’s a place I’ve been meaning to go to but haven’t since its in Fahaheel. Some say the seafood there is the best Malaari style cooking in Kuwait.


    • Chako says:

      Malabari style and yes … The food is Authentic … Try the Biriyani \ Stuffed Chicken \ Meat Pathiri … Seafood is also excellent …

  15. John says:

    Oh and I left out Caesar’s Dakshin in Abbasiya!! A must try! Great food again!

  16. Lucky_dude says:

    My absolute favorite Indian restaurant in Kuwait is “Asia Asia” in Al-Watiyah complex by the Sheraton Kuwait City.

    I tried Asha’s, zafran and many others all rubbish compared to what I had in UK, but this one is definitely up there in quality.

  17. Nand says:

    Copper Chimney at Bida’a is the best in Kuwait right now. The fare served there is far superior to the rest of Kuwait.

  18. Nand says:

    Oh Yes good old oriental restaurant is also very good

  19. Sajid says:

    Food Inn (Salmiya ahead of Eidee Stores)

    Khyber (Kuwait City ahead of Muthanna Complex opposite Gulf Bank.) — STRICTLY ONLY FOR CHICKEN TIKKA AND PURI !!!

    Oriental (Salmiya opposite the Salmiya Club…near Red Tag)

  20. Travis says:

    Tipu Sultan at the Oasis Hotel
    Winners Restaurant
    Avanti Palace
    Mughal Mahal

  21. Zak says:

    Since u r looking for a hole in the wall, you could try tandoori chicken and puri at white rose in Salmiya behind Edee stores. Also their diff kind of fish and crab are worth trying.

  22. Rayboy says:

    You can try the new GOAN Restaurant, serving Indian and GOA specific cuisines.


  23. lolguy says:

    There is a reason the national dish of the UK is supposedly Chicken Tika Masala.

  24. Foodie says:

    Some very good recommendations here Mark, but you how know how the saying goes “The best food comes from the worst kitchens”. Now these kitchens are not bad to say but they are not they are not ur usual royalty restaurants.
    Pakistani food from Wah Ji Wah in Salmiya and Shahi Qila Next to Solo pizza are just fab with their rich food.
    You have the small dingy places in city like Tabaq at the Masjid roundabout in Mircab, Manosalwa next to the Kuwait Science Museum, Shamiana Restaurant Opp. Salmiya Garden etc. have some excellent food overall. Theres also this small restaurant by the name Marwah in Salmiya next to Bestow supermarket and belive me, they have the best biryani ive had in Kuwait.
    Just a word of advice, dont even think of the word Diet when u visit these places :)

  25. Bader says:

    All spice at 360 in front of red mango. Best place. Taal at bediaa is good too

  26. Foodie says:

    Oh and yes, iam surprised no one mentioned Daawat restaurant in Bneid al gar…..u shud really try their chops

  27. Mahi says:

    Man, you have to try Helhi Palace, our eat and die place behind Kinkos on Thursdays:)

  28. Unknown says:

    How about Shireen Bano in Bineed Al Gar?

    It is near that Cartoon Network place.

    Shireen Bano is indian/Iranian restaurant.

    I love their shrimp biryani.

  29. Navin says:

    The best Indian restaurant by far in Kuwait has to be Copper Chimney hands down. Have been to the others like Moti Mahal Deluxe, Soul N Spice, Jamawar et al barring Bukhara. CC has always been consistent with their food flavors and tastes. Highly recommended!

    Hole in the wall types would include Woodlands Restaurant – Block 10, Salmiya (Biryanis and Chinese are amazing) and White Rose – Block 10, Salmiya (lamb chops). Apart from these as our friends have stated do try Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant in Farwaniya for South Indian stye non veg food. Lovely fare served! You might also wanna try Spice Club at 360 Mall which is a one time affair!

  30. Yusuf says:

    Kind of late to the party but here goes nothing. A friend of mine runs an Indian ‘hyderabadi’ cuisine restaurant in salmiya. Their specialty is ‘Dam Biryani’. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    Marwah Restaurant


  31. Mark says:

    so much food to try!!

  32. Glider says:

    I would recommend you try
    1. Dwaihi Palace Restaurant in Farwaniya – It is at the roundabout behind the police station, and top of Gulf Mart/Jolibee/Popeye/Little Caesars. http://www.dwaihipalace.com/home.php

    2. Anjappar in Farwaniya (you already got the location)

  33. Goan chick says:

    Try the new thing in town authentic India and mostly Goan food, its called Viva Goa, in place of Village Inn that used to be before in Kuwait city

  34. Tom says:

    Mark: its non-vegetarian.

  35. kk says:

    hi mark,
    i read the thread saying that its been a while since u tried taal at bidaa… i recon go give it another try

    fish biryani (zubaidi)
    daal makhni
    butter chicken is a must as usual
    tandoori chicken bites ( as the sheesh tawooq )

  36. Taz says:

    Try Ceasars in Hawalli! It is my favourite in Kuwait. Not entirely Indian though but huge list of non vegetarian Indian dishes.

    P.s. Indian food in Kuwait is way better than in Toronto.

    • Mark says:

      I’ve been going to the Salmiya Ceasars since I was a kid, my favorite waiters are there :)

      • Taz says:

        Their waiters in Hawalli are also awesome and friendly :-) They even recognized me when I visited Kuwait last month after about 6 months of being away.

        I tried the one in Salmiya, it’s excellent but the one in Hawalli is slightly better, in my opinion :-)

  37. dougmacho says:

    My favorite place is avanti palace in salmiya, it’s in the basement…….but to food is really good. I also love sunrise restaurant inside the Lulu complex in the fourth ring road

  38. Ali says:

    There are quiet a lot of restaurants offering Indian cuisine. Try out Mughal Mahal, Rajdhani Palace. They are my go to places for some fancy indian food.
    There are a couple of Pakistani restaurants as well, which are not as fancy but their food is really delicious. Try out Wah ji Wah, Khan Baba (both of which can be found easily in Fahaheel, near Red Tag) and Super Eat in Khaitan or Abu-Halifa.
    Try them out and review them.

  39. Danny says:

    Silence Silence Silence everyone!!!! You’re making my head explode! lol just kidding :)

    1) Indian food in Kuwait is a very general term. It’s equal to saying “fruits and vegetables.”

    2) Non veg Indian food in Kuwait, sadly, has deteriorated. Forget Kuwait, non veg food in India has deteriorated. And all the chefs are coming from India!

    3) Indian chefs are applying a common formula to their preparation styles. They created a base of nearly 12 gravies and they add in the meat for whatever you ask. For example if you want a spicy hot gravy, they will dip the mutton in the red gravy and boil it in for a few mins. If you want a more cream based gravy, they will dip the same meat in the cream based gravy and serve it to you. Indian food, as most indians will tell you, is not made this way. We prepare all the ingredients together. We do not mix and match. The flavors of whatever you add has to mix. This is not like pasta and sauce where you choose from a bunch of pasta shapes and then choose your sauce. The reason this done is for speed. Indian cooking, just like any other cooking, takes time to get a real home made taste. My mom will spend at least 40 minutes in the kitchen. On days when she’s making biryani or something else, she can spend up to 3 hours preparing for just 4 people!

    4) I have tried many many Indian restaurants – the fancy ones and the hole in the wall ones. The fancy ones have never impressed me simply because we can detect that the gravy has been cooked separate from the main ingredient. We tried Zaffran, Mughal Mahal, Dakshin, Avanti Palace, Taal, Bukhara, Ashas and dozens of other smaller restaurants and we came to the same conclusion that while one may be better than the other, advanced taste buds will detect mediocrity.

    5) Restaurants like Wah Ji Wah, have a limited menu and special dishes especially during the weekend. Their menu keeps changing because they know it takes time to prepare a high quality meal. They will start preparation for at least 1000 people before the weekend to ensure demand is met. The same cannot be said about these fancy restaurants who use a formula for quick service.

    6) My recommendation: Find someone in Kuwait who can cook you a home made Indian meal. Indians in general will tell you any day of the week that the best food is home cooked food. It’s very hard to replicate by a restaurant because they cannot devote the time to it.

    7) If all fails, Cesars makes the best mini pizza. Comfort food like no other country. I love Kuwait!!!!

    • Philip says:

      Danny, truly said. I am of the same opinion. People talking of Dum Biryani from Marwah. It is only rice and boiled chicken. If those who want Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, try it from Munn-salwa from Murgab. They charge you KD 1/- with generous filling of both rice and chicken and very tasty curry with that.

  40. Shitij says:

    Try Davat ( Silver Towers, Bneid al gar). they have good sizzlers, meat dishes, biryani.

  41. Adsonic says:

    My vote hands down goes to the new Copper Chimney at Al’Bidaa (another branch will soon open in Avenues).

  42. meh says:

    Thank god Copper Chimney wasn’t mentioned a lot.

  43. Rabin says:

    Try a new restaurant called ‘VIVA GOA”, behind Qatar airways opp muttana. You will love it.

  44. Jagdish Nair says:

    Hey Mark,

    I would like add to the long list of recommendation with another Indian eat out which is somewhere between a hole in the wall & a fancy Dine in. You should try our Thakkara Restaurant sometime. It serves food from the North part of Kerala. Being a Fishetarian, I would recommend you try our their Prawn’s dishes. Here is the link to their website http://www.thakkara.com/cms/. Happy Dining!! Cheers!

  45. Ram Bhat says:

    Oriental Restaurant, Salmiya. Its really good and also reasonable rates

  46. Srinivas says:

    If you crave for good ‘dum’ biryani, try the one Birayni rest. on the next lane at Donbosco school at Salmiya; I have tried biryani at most of the above places; but this is very good.

  47. hansel says:

    Moti Mahal on the gulf road after mc donald (coming from salmiya).. at the place along with carinos

    simply loved everything about it .. wouldnt recommend take away as ud miss d ambience and ofcourse naans n pathas become rubber by the time u head home.

    lil pricey but worth every penny .. a must try !!!!

  48. aseel says:

    for me, nothing beats indigo.

  49. zoro says:

    come with me to india…….indian food here don’t taste as good as there

  50. Em says:

    You have to try Viva Goa, its in place of Village Inn. Excellent “goan” cusine. Do try the “pav” (bread) she personally bakes. It’s so good!

  51. aaa says:

    Wow I didn’t expect this topic to be so active. I imagine a bunch of confused waiters wondering where all the english speaking people are popping up from

  52. JS says:

    My favorite is Yaadgar Restaurant in Farwaniya, check the map here


  53. Zking says:

    Being an ex Sheratonite I agree with you Mark. Bukhara only a name.

    If you want a good indian or pakistani taste you wont get in all those A list restaurant. Being from Hotel Industry I myself prefer a service Kinda hotel. I am seeing almost all the service type of Indian Hotels are mentioned but every one forgot Anmol in Salmiya.

    My choices are

    1. Anmol (salmiya block 10)
    for all the authentic Mumbai Taste (especially biryani)

    2. Wah Ji Wah (Salmiya Block 10) for all the stuffed prathas (BF), Tandoori Nans (BF) Nulli Nahari (Lamb’s thigh meat gravy) & Qeema (minced meat).

    3. Noble (Salmiya Block 10) it’s hole in the Wall Kind for Meat Pulao, Stuffed Prathas in BF & Roasted Chicken (i doubt any one in Kuwait can Serve like that)

    4. Qila in Sharq for all their Stuffed Parathas n Nans in BF.

    5. Wah Ji Wah in Mangaf (for all their meals except biryani)

    Please avoid biryani at all the hotels mentioned above and all the none mentioned (except Anmol) Pakistani hotels.

    and mind me no one in Kuwait serve biryani as good as Anmol.

    6. There is a small Hole in the Wall kind in edee lane New Calicut for it’s Tea n Chapati, Chicken Chilly and Biryani on Fridays..

  54. Virendra says:

    Try Safeena near Salmiya Garden/Salmiya Co-Op. Society. It has the most delicious ‘PAYA’. Available only on Fridays. Make it early or it will be finished. To be had with the Sada Paratha (not with the naan which the waiters recommend ). You can also try the Gobi or Muli Paratha.

    And all those who mentioned Zafran. I was highly disappointed with my last visit in January. The tandoori section was closed and to top it all the new menu had less than half the recipes than the earlier one. The price has inflated and the quantities decreased. Not worth the money. I preferred Jungle, which was on the same premises and also Avanti Palace now.

  55. Jamil says:

    Random question but where is Caesars in salmiyah ?

  56. Pq8 says:

    Thanks Mark even we Indians didn’t know we had so many options for fine and also not so fine Indian dining. Thanks for the enlightenment.
    My personal favs:
    1) Oriental Rest
    2) Shamiana Rest
    3) Marwah Biryani only for Biryani!

    Wish you luck on your palatal journey!

    • Mark says:

      I had no idea either, have no clue how I’m going to go through this whole list. Not even sure how I am gonna arrange all the information posted here either, it’s overwhelming.

  57. Keith says:

    After reading all these posts, there was only one place I could think of and it was very exclusive, 100% authentic and by invite only. However it closed down last year and shifted to Australia. Sigh!

  58. N says:

    You should try ‘udupi international’ their thali… it’s nice and filling generally served in the afternoon . its located in Fahaheel… pure veg is served here

    another tiny little place in salmiya ‘shamiyana’ good chineese food.

  59. Security Adviser says:

    @ Keith ..your Indian maid left and migrated to greener pastures in Australia huh ???? ;-)

    @ Mark A friend of mine took me to a restaurant in Riigae while we were attending a court case at the Lawyers Complex. Its called Zahrat Riggae.Located Riggae Block 1. You said non- veg Indian hole in the wall right ?? This could be what you are looking for. Quite easy to find too. Its right on the Main Street Opposite Lawyers Complex /Court House in Riggae. Once you take the round about before Omooma Hospital and have the Lawyers Complex on your right drive straight down and dont take any of the right turns. As you are driving down the street you will see that you are approaching a huge mosque on your right at your 1’O’ clock. There is right just before it and Zarat Riggae is bang opposite to the mosque you can’t miss it. Their Dal Makhni , Tandoori Paneer,and Tandoori Chicken is worth trying.Got a whole bunch of other stuff too.

  60. Ashraf says:

    Wow… so many Restaurants…

    Another suggestion… this is a really shady pakistani joint in Salmiya.. Faisal Edee.. but only have the butter chicken there… you dont get butter chicken like that anywhere else in Kuwait.

  61. Ashraf says:

    Here is the list so far :P

    Zafran – Centerpoint, Salmiya
    copper chimney at al-bida’a (Recommend: Murg Kalimirch – Chicken, Burrah Chop – Lamb)
    Moti Mahal on Gulf road
    Rangoli at Radisson
    Soul n Spice at Courtyard Marriott
    Mughal Mahal in Hawally
    Jamawar at Crowne plaza(
    Khyber (behind Muthanna)
    Shahi Qila (City, in the same area as Solo Pizza)
    Khan-baba in Fahaheel
    Wah ji Wah in Salmiya Block 10
    Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant
    Taal at bidaa
    Banana Leaf restaurant in Salmiya
    Safeena in Salmiya
    Tabaq Pakistani Rest – City
    Oriental. – Fahad Al Salem street
    Food Inn – Salmiya
    Thakkara Restaurant – Fahaheel
    Asia Asia in Al-Watiyah
    Tipu Sultan at the Oasis Hotel
    Winners Restaurant – Salmiya
    Avanti Palace – Salmiya
    All spice at 36
    Daawat restaurant – Bneid al gar
    Woodlands Restaurant – Block 10, Salmiya
    Marwah Restaurant – Salmiya
    Anmol (salmiya block 10)
    Shamiana Rest
    Faisal edee – Block 10, Salmiya (Butter Chicken)
    Maharani – Next to MAX & Freej Swaleih in Salmiya

  62. Mandy says:

    Asha’s is good. They have changed their menu and improvised on the food. Their dhal makhani n laccha paratha are to die for! and their sheesh kebab is really good. Also, their mushroom kurkure.

    Also, salmiya block 10, white rose….a small place…has the best chicken tikka, if you’re missing out on Kyber.

  63. Mits says:

    Most of these restaurants serve very generic Indian food. Nowhere close to what actually Indians eat. Why don’t you plan a trip to India? :)

  64. richo123 says:

    shaab beach restaurant in shaab al bahri
    opp the coop.close to chinese restaurant chopstick
    proper hole in the wall place

  65. Nab says:

    Wah ji Wah is great….in fahaheel souk
    Shahi Qila is also nice……pakistani food is simply awesome

  66. Hadeedi says:

    When it is Matter of indian food outside my home, first thing I do is call my friends in Baladiya . Then I check my fingers after eat. I know Indian restaurant s use many unhealthy tricks to get the food color full and tastier- even ajinomoto has been used.

    Hygiene is very important for me .I never miss a chance to sneak the kitchen .

    The only restaurant that passed my test so far is Zafran, the one in Salmiya Salem mubarak st. Price is good, presentation is excellent and the interior is superb. needless to say that with very natural flavor and spices, the food taste yummy.

    The only two disadvantages I can quote here is the location and dont have much varieties. Still, they are the best.

  67. Nabyl says:

    Mark and Desert Girl,
    You want to try the best Pakistani food, try home made…the best Pakistani restaurants are in Dubai…i.e. Ravi, BBQ Delights, etc.
    In Kuwait; you can try Shahi Qila…they have good Naan and Paratthas (stuffed bread with potatoes, minced meat, etc.), then they have nice boneless chicken Karrahi, Channa (na5i), Nihari and Achar meat or chicken
    Stay away from Wah Ji Wah, Safeena and Tabaq !!! filthy…

  68. Maxson says:

    Mark, you have a lot of Indian fan following on your blog. I think you should have a section dedicated to Indian related news, food, classifieds, etc. I am sure it will prove to be as popular as indiansinkuwait.com

  69. Mansour Ali says:

    Guys if you really want to try the real Indian food Tandoori and all…… always go to a restaurant where their cook is from Punjab or Delhi…. rest of India is all about tasteless food.

  70. mo says:

    just go for italian food and end this

  71. Anup says:

    I suggest you have to try Winners Restaurant in Salmiya, Riggae and Farwaniya….Good food…..Try out their boneless chicken biriyani…………Try also Oriental Restaurant in Salmiya

  72. Priya says:

    You have got a lot of suggestions and I agree with most of them :) and would suggest these restaurants,

    White Rose
    Paratha King
    New Calicut
    Copper Chimney
    Viva Goa

  73. anon says:

    The Spice Club, Mall 360 infront of Senior Sassi

  74. V says:

    Okhay so i really LOVEEE the puri and spicy tandoori chicken with the daal makhani at White rose. Its opposite udupi in Salmiya block 10 :) Its a bit small, but good on flavors :)

  75. Ramees says:


    I recommend you to visit Thakkara Restaurant located next to Lulu Center Fahaheel. They serve authentic Malabari Food (South Indian) and it is the only restaurant in Kuwait serves Malabari Food. You can diffrenciate their food after seeing their menu. Try their stuffed chicken or Fish, Breads, Dum Biriyani

  76. FD says:

    Royal Terrasse … in Salmiya.. it is multi cuisine… but their food is awesome ! authentic indian and resoanble.
    Even liek the noodles and chinese they offer.

  77. Rahul says:

    Also the Ex Bombay chowpatty now taken over by Kwality serves good chicken dishes.. Nice family place in salmiya block 10. Good tase and very reasonable prices..
    Try their Tawa chicken or butter chicken with Garlic Nan..
    Located in block 10 , behind UAE exchange on essa al qatami street..

  78. Sara says:

    Hi mark. I know a good authentic kerala restaurant with ambiance of kerala (part of south india) which is not mentioned above. I would be glad to take you there.

  79. Ana_031 says:

    Can anyone recommend a restaurant (or few of them) with the best butter chicken and very hot curry? Thanks in advance!

  80. Sonia says:

    mughal mahal .. cream based curries there are absolutely delicious.. try the new dish methi chicken

  81. Jojin Thomas says:

    Dear Mark, knw tis post is 3 years old..but then again ter aint a halt to try new joints in kuwait..having said that you are heartily invited to our “hole in the wall” authentic Mid Travancore (South Kerala,India) style (read unadultrated and rich in spices and condiments) restaurant named Kalavara Restaurant in salmiya behind ICSK senior school . we opened up 10 mnths ago.

  82. Shank says:

    Try Remal Mall in Fahaheel
    Malabar Kayal restaurant ——–its fantastic

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