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Burger & Lobster is a British franchise that opened around a year ago in Kuwait. Their menu is very straight forward and simple with just 3 items, a burger, a lobster roll and a lobster, each for the same price which in Kuwait was just KD8.950.

That simple formula I guess didn’t do so well in Kuwait because last month Burger & Lobster expanded the menu by adding a lot more items while also revamping their pricing system. Now their 3 primary items have 3 different prices, the burger got dropped down to KD7, the lobster roll to KD8 while the lobster had its price increase and is now KD10. As I mentioned, they also added a bunch of other items to their menu ranging from soups to sliders. You can check out the full menu [Here]

Personally I go there for their lobster roll so none of their new items interest me. But, if it means these new items will help drive traffic and keep the place open, then I’m all for it. Their lobster roll is so good.

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I love their lobster rolls but the thought of going all the way to the Avenues makes me lose my appetite

Aren’t they supposed to open another branch in Crystal Tower? Same owners

I’ve managed to try out the new lobster rolls, two of them to be more precise. The 7 Samurai and the spicy one which I think became my favourite. Their lobster salad was superb a great alternative if you fancy fresh lobster minus the bread.

I was wishing they’d bring Smack ( sister company of Burger and Lobster) but I guess all that’s missing now is the sweet potato fries.

Gosh the prices jumped my heart out my chest. Dear me…its expensive. I had lobster roll in Manchester for £18 with soda and fries.

I better stick big mac in Kuwait and keep fatting those sides…lol

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