New Menu at Korea Grill

The popular Korean restaurant Korea Grill launched a new menu a few days ago. The biggest two changes are the much larger ramen selection as well as an increase in prices. Check out the new menu [Here] and [Here]

If you’ve never been to Korea Grill before, they’re located in Maidan Hawalli inside the New Park Hotel. Here is their location on [Google Maps]

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TERRIBLE don’t do it! The food was bland. The atmosphere was like a mini high school lunch hall (loud and uncomfortable).

i’ve been a few times and the staff is always awesome and the food is always delicious… when 99% of the restaurants in this country are trying to sell you fried mayo and astronomically priced virgin cocktails, Korea Grill is a more than welcome change.. a bit pricey, sure… but so is everything else around here. this isnt Yelp, relax a bit

I’m a huge fan of Korean food… but goodness knows I’ve tried to like this place. I go there semi-frequently and have never had good service – the owner/manager is awesome but the main waitress was always surly, in a bad mood and forgetful [i.e. forgetting to get an order in of a dish we requested or bringing out a dish without putting in a clearly-expressed special request]. Never liked the ambience, a lot of dishes aren’t available and I feel like the quality of the food itself has slipped over time.

From now on, I’m going to Koryokwan for my Korean fix. If Kuwait and its world-class food offerings have taught me one thing, it’s that there’s no excuse for a bad meal in Kuwait, EVER.

Ethiopian – there’s Habesha and another Ethiopian restaurant right next to it whose name alludes me. My advice though is to only go there during the cooler months (November, December, January) as they don’t usually turn on their A.C.

Vietnamese – sometimes BE Cafe in Bida’a serves a delicious vegan Pho.

But I agree with you, there should be a Vietnamese restaurant in Kuwait. Been wanting one myself for years. The Vietnamese embassy in Kuwait told me a while back that they’re working on it.

Extremely expensive compared to the other oddly placed Korean restaurants. Why would I pay 7KD for a plate of fried chicken? Seriously? There are way better authentic Korean restaurants outhere.

Hey Abby, mind sharing the other restaurants? I can’t seem to find any in kuwait. Only know about bonchon, korean grill and koryokwan.

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