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Post by Mark

A friend took the picture above at his local Coop and then yesterday another friend sent me a photo of a letter from the Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies in which they state they’re pulling all of KDD’s products from the shelves.

The letter doesn’t mention a reason but my guess it’s a financial disagreement of some sort. If anyone can shed some light on this subject that would be great. Here is a picture of the [Letter]

Update: I got the below image of a Co-op notice as well as the following explanation…

the reason is that they always change their prices / sell at different prices for different coops and so the coops dont have an official pricing for KDD products as they always change and are sold to different coops at different prices and constantly changing (manly going up)

Update2: It turns out KDD released an ad in the newspapers today stating that they haven’t changed their prices for the past 5 years and encouraging the public to order from them directly to get a fair price.

Thanks Infinite Driver

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  1. Didn’t you use that picture on the KDD Fire Dilemma ? It seems awfully familiar, and what ghetto super market is that? Haven’t seen a market that out-of-stock since my trip to …Actually, I have never seen a market this empty.

  2. sinful_eyes says:

    will .. @Mstahlekq8 started pointing out last year that KDD is selling outside of kuwait ( KSA , Bahrain and Jordan ) in lower prices than kuwait ,, although kuwait is where the product is being produced and the kuwaiti government is giving kdd support on low priced electricity and water .. @Mstahlekq8 started a boycott campaign ,, he somehow reached the co-op union and he’s doing a good job in his campaign ,,
    @mstahlekq8 is the account for ( kuwaiti consumer protection civil society )

    • mentabolism says:

      Dont Saudi brands sell cheap here?

      • sinful_eyes says:

        not cheaper than what they are selling in KSA ,, the thing is ,, KDD is a kuwaiti company that getting support from the government on there products ,, why the hell are they selling higher to kuwaitis ? aren’t it suppose to be cheaper here in kuwait or at least the same price ? that’s the why the boycott campaign started !

  3. aaa says:

    Man KDD you just had to do the SAME THING you were doing for like 30 years. Don’t rebrand your entire line all of a sudden, don’t play with pricing just shut up and do your business.


  4. Saud says:

    They have had a hard-on for them for the longest time. There is a commission system that the co-op administration imposes on companies. KDD just refuses to play nice. Remember how they were the first to ban KDD when that Denmark debacle happened? They didn’t even waste a minute.

    • aaa says:

      Ahh makes a lot more sense now haha

    • Maha says:

      Dear Saud,
      You have your facts wrong, I’m sure you’ll read a statement from KDD of the facts soon, as KDD has nothing to hide. It has nothing to do with the commission, let’s just say KDD has principals and ethics :)
      If I get more info that I can share I will :)
      inshallah soon

  5. Tony says:

    They are doing this because KDD is not leaving them a margin to steal!

    I know from my friend who works at nestle, they are doing the same to them.

  6. Co-ops are just corrupt, all of them

    • Passingby says:

      They are extremely corrupt
      We brought some nice gum from japan once, and we were thinking of marketing it in the co-ops. Guess what, they wanted a free box for every box they pay us! Technically 100% is what they asked for! Who would buy a Japanese gum for 750 fils!!
      Screw them….

  7. kuwait lover says:

    i am a marketing student, and we used to study the market changeless and pricing, and we have been through case studies just like this one, where the company sells its product outside the home town for less, and this is part of the competition scene, the GCC market is a very chalangaing market especially the Saudi, and a company like KDD would sacrifice a margin of its revinues for the sake of positioning its product and building a customer base.

    I am a KDD fan, my family uses KDD products since i was a child.

    dear in mind that KDD is a Kuwaiti heritage, its part of the Kuwaiti economical scene and at the end of the day it is KUWAITI, don’t let some spiteful people manipulate the smart Kuwaiti brains and open the room for Saudi and foreign companies benefit from that.

    • Kdd Rulez says:

      Thumbs Up! :-) Kudos

    • js says:

      It is very obvious that you are in marketing (don’t care about money) and it is nice that you value your heritage, but let’s face it here, this is a business and I do not like to be fooled. Fact is they are selling much lower as well as all other brands outside of Kuwait. Even Bahrain is lower than Kuwait (what market is there comparing to your hometown?) and unless you know for a “fact” that they are losing, then I call BS on your post.

  8. id says:

    KDD posted an AD today in Al-Qabas newspaper stating “They havent changed there prices for the past 5 years”

    The co-op are the corrupt ones. Just order directly from KDD “home delivery”

  9. AmonA says:

    Hi, I have KDD home delivery almost for the past yr now, and they never changed their prices since then. According to their employees, the co-ops wants higher commission on sales and KDD refused. Makes since to me!!

  10. sooli says:

    KDD is always consistent with prices. just get their home delivery service much more convenient. Co-ops have their own agendas.

  11. Anon says:

    It might be true that KDD have not raised prices for the last 5 years. Which is why the ad was worded that way exactly.

    But check the consumer protection account on twitter mentioned by sinful eyes above, its clear with pictures that KDD sell their products cheaper in KSA and Bahrain, which is plainly ridiculous and is taking advantage of ignorant/loyal consumers, for the consumer protection account, that’s the only agenda, they have not mentioned price increases as much as price discrepancies.

    I have loved KDD products since i was a child but since I’ve learned about this I’ve boycotted their products.

    If enough people do the same it will force the company to rethink their prices (this applies to every company like cars, computers, clothes) its their right to raise prices but our right to boycott.

    As for those claiming Coop’s are corrupt, you can change that by voting in coop elections, just like parlimentary elections, if you think your rep is corrupt take a stand and change things instead of just complaining which won’t solve anything. You vote for coop reps and they represent you.

    • Naser says:

      If you believe that what KDD is doing is ridiculous then stop buying their products don’t force everyone to stop buying their products.

    • Maha says:

      Dear Anon,

      KDD doesn’t control the profit margins that supermarkets in and out of Kuwait put.

      Boycotting is your choice ofcourse, but why Boycott a Kuwait founded product, completely owned by Kuwaiti’s, that has been for generations and generations in Kuwait, we should support these companies in my opinion.

      It’s a free country, and I respect your choice, but it saddens me to see Kuwaiti’s not-supportive of a brand that is “…a Kuwaiti heritage, its part of the Kuwaiti economical scene and at the end of the day it is KUWAITI” as my friend “kuwait lover” posted earlier

      Consider not boycotting maybe?? :)

  12. ali wadi says:

    KDD sucks anyway, just chemicals mixed together to form milk, cheese…

  13. Moe Jr. says:

    mmmmmmmm chocolate milk

  14. neoark25 says:

    KDD they lowered their prices in Saudi Arabia, and they increased it in Kuwait, which kinda makes this whole process double standards.

    When only 10% of whom living in Kuwait has an increment, doesn’t mean 90% can afford it, Companies thinks that Kuwaitis are their target while none Kuwait is are the one purchasing the products more, which means you should not focus on those who can afford, but make sure it is available on all to make more profit.

    they increased last year the prices of their milk, and as a lactose and tolerance, I DEMAND FOR SKIMMED MILK! low fat isn’t skimmed milk :/

    • Kdd Rulez says:

      @ Neoark: U want skimmed milk and not low fat?? do one thing, take low fat milk 50 ML and mix water 200 ml. There u go ! Njoy ur skimmed Milk!


  15. Rehab says:

    How much does large KDD Full cream container cost ?
    Almost all the shops in my area sells it for 350 fils…

  16. Areej says:

    Coops are the BIGGEST crooks EVER! I used to always wonder why men get so excited about being on the board…..until I found out first hand (by supplying them) the money they make. Disgusting and extremely unethical.

  17. vampire says:

    this decision suppose to be taken by the ministry of commerce, not the “corrupt to the bone” coop union!

    most probably KDD didn’t pay a premium for the display and this is how they decided to ban it

    if ppl r buying, then why banning?
    i will still buy KDD products, and only KDD will be in my fridge

  18. Realist says:

    For those that are ignorant in thinking you are being ripped off, please go take Economics 101 and come back again. If you haven’t heard of supply and demand don’t come talking about pricing policies. KDD is not a monopoly, if anything it has fierce competition. For it to sell at these prices are not exploitation but a price that the market can afford while maintaining their business. If you still dont understand this concept well, take a look at how Apple prices their products inspite of competition. Is it exploitation? If you think so, feel free to buy Samsung products.

  19. Mahmoud says:

    KDD = Yummmm

  20. Security Adviser says:

    Nothing can or will replace KDD chocolate milk in my fridge.
    Happiest moment in my life was when they introduced the big liter packs. Punch a hole on the top,stick in a large juice straw and Ahhhhhhhh just divinely yum………. especially after a reefer or two ;-)

  21. vampire says:

    a KDD worker in the factory reported that the coop didn’t pay the bells. then KDD pulled their products

  22. Kdd Rulez says:

    Guys, everyone knows KDD will not ruin there reputation for a few extra fils. EVen if they increase there prices a bit, they are giving quality stuff to its consumers. Every kid has kdd on there lips. Those who r talking rubbish about kdd have no idea how much they invest every month on quality control, machinery and product enhancement. High FIve to KDD!

  23. Ali Sleeq says:

    So… shop at Sultan?

  24. Naser says:

    Until a better kuwaiti competitor surfaces KDD has the right to raise it’s prices and profit.

  25. c.s.d. says:

    I am sure KDD has not recently raised its prices and has not been selling at different prices at different co-ops. I have bought KDD over many years at MANY different co-ops and it’s always been the same price. The people on these Co-op boards are so corrupt and making so much money from companies who pay them to put their products in the co-op. That’s why MY co-op (which will remain un-named) has all of the odd-ball brands that no one wants and no one ever heard of. The Co-op is SUPPOSED to stock the products that consumers want to buy and LET US MAKE THE DECISION HOW TO SPEND OUR MONEY. I’m sure when the truth comes out that somebody somewhere didn’t get paid the “asking price” or some deal was made with other companies. The same thing happened with Nescafe a couple of years ago. We (the CONSUMER) couldn’t buy Nescafe in any co-op for about 6 months while they argued and suddenly it reappeared. The only people hurt in this story (as always) is the consumer. Once again, I will simply have to go to another store to get the products I want or maybe I’ll just have them delivered to the house. As I told the manager of my Co-op, they will not FORCE me to buy the other off-beat, no name brand that they put in place of KDD. And also, please read labels…NOT all KDD juices are sugar water. They do make 100% juice products. This is simply another frustration….another failure of those ELECTED to do a job. Another example of people trying to make money from their elected positions.

  26. Bader says:

    I don’t know what to make of this, All I know is kdd chocolate milk is a must have during my munchie frenzies.

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