Pick & Adidas Originals Now Open at Al Hamra

Post by Mark

Pick opened up in Al Hamra Tower last week and I personally think this is their best location yet due to the amount of people who work in the tower. Currently there seems to be a queue all day long during office working hours but I overheard they’re getting a second cashier to cope with the high demand.

A standalone Adidas Originals also opened up in the basement of Al Hamra. Previously Adidas Originals was part of the regular Adidas store in the basement, but that location got shut down and they opened up this new Adidas Originals shop next to the old one. The mall is finally turning into a much more interesting place, even WH Smith Bookshop is opening up in the basement.

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  1. Jay says:

    Somehow it seems Alghanim Industries moving their HO to Al Hamra tower has turned up the fortunes of that place!

  2. Joe says:

    Hasn’t Adidas always been there?

  3. Solo says:

    You should have mentioned starbucks as well.. As thats turning out to be a life saver for the employees here… Apologies if you have already mentioned the same before

  4. Burhan says:

    The Pick location is great; I really love the open nature of it – we were there when it opened and Dahan was still taking photos of the place; I’m curious how they close the shop since I didn’t see any shutters or anything like that. The seating area is very nicely done, for example the rope-suspended table and the basket of fruits.

    A far cry from their other location (opposite my office in the city).

  5. Teyrx says:

    Terrific job alhamra! both shops are my favourite in its class.
    I would rank the mall the 2nd best in Kuwait.

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