Qout Market is back again tomorrow

Post by Mark

Qout Market is an outdoor market that takes place on the first Saturday of every month until April. The next market will be tomorrow (January 4th) and feature stands selling crafts, street food, fresh flowers, jarred items, artisanal products, baked goods, local produce and much more. It’s located on the rooftop of Arraya parking lot and open from 10AM to 7PM. [Map]

Keep your eye out for Pasticceria Di Pietro’s cannoli stand since they will be there as well. For more information on Qout Market here is a link to their [Facebook Page]

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  1. Rich in paradise says:

    Mark, don’t want to be rude, but is it necessary to just fill up your blogs with this useless posts about markets everyday? I don’t think anyone cares

  2. Lucky says:

    rich in paradise is an idiot. i also care and i went today. it was very nice. like mark said if you don’t like the post then skip it. you have that choice.

  3. spicyessence says:

    I went today and it was amazing! As a foreigner it was cool to see all the different offerings Kuwait has! Also, having events like this is better than going to the mall every weekend…:) I had the Cannoli’s and they did not disappoint! Also tried the Taco’s from Solo Tacos, Wagyu beef with sweet potato mash, and picked up salsa from Spoonful’s.. Can’t wait for next month!

  4. Hi Everyone, I think Qout Market is a great invention, it offers a fighting chance and an opportunity for hard working, talented and passionate people to reach out and shine, similarly it also offers a new experience for people that wants to enjoy the day out with friends and family. I’d say international standards in my opinion, similar to some of the places that we visit when we travel abroad such as turkey, Europe…etc. I feel that this post is very important from the sense of motivating and inspiring others to do something they love.

  5. Sami says:

    It’s nice, but mostly rich people selling their overpriced products to other rich people.

    • djones says:

      +5 gazillion. it isnt as pasticerria di pietro says unfortunately. there is no ‘fighting chance’ for hard working talented ppl in terms of the common man/woman.

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