Restaurants that Deliver Before Iftar 2015


This year I’m starting a new list and its restaurants that deliver before Iftar. The idea for this list started when someone on Reddit asked if it was true some of the restaurants on Talabat deliver during the day. Many restaurants are listed open during the day on Talabat but I figured most take the orders and deliver them after 5PM. So to prove my point I started calling the restaurants one by one and to my surprise, there were quite a few that were willing to deliver during the day. So I started calling more and more places and I finally put together the list below. The cut-off time for this list is 3PM, anything after that I didn’t list here.

Adobo Burritos
Deliveries start after 3PM
Telephone: 69957242

Baking Tray
Deliveries start after 12PM
Telephone: 1842887

Donner Kebab
Deliveries start after 1PM
Telephone: 22200123

HanHum Restaurant
Deliveries start after 2PM
Telephone: 22270234

Kitchen Art
Deliveries start after 12PM
Telephone: 22552233

Marina Thai
Deliveries start after 12PM
Telephone: 23720040

Deliveries start after 10AM
Telephone: 22637331

Q Cafe
Deliveries start after 3PM
Telephone: 22495067

Shater Abbas
Deliveries start after 3PM
Telephone: 22420030

Taal Indian Restaurant
Deliveries start after 2PM
Telephone: 22253142

The Southern
Deliveries start after 3PM
Telephone: 98949799

Osaka deliver the earliest starting at 10AM. I actually tried them out the other day and the food was good but the experience felt dodgy. I called them up to pick up takeaway and they told me they’re open in their Salmiya location only. Their location is inside the old Marina Thai restaurant on Baghdad Street. All the windows outside are blacked out and the sign still says Marina Thai but once you walk inside they’re Osaka. As someone who doesn’t fast, I like the fact that I can continue to eat food at normal hours if I choose to do so. I never understood why restaurants are forced to close during the day but supermarkets are allowed to open with many serving ready made food as well.

If you know of other places that deliver during the day let me know.

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As a diabetic, it is hard for me to fast sometimes. I always have emergency sweets in my pocket. But the real problem is I go to the bathroom more than average person. So I get dehydrated faster than average person.

He should tell the employer that he suffers from dehydration / diabetes. Sick people are allowed to eat.

Well Islam is easy, if you’re not able to fast you can totally live and eat as if it isn’t Ramadan. If you need to drink something and others don’t choose to understand your condition then you can smack their head with anything you like bro 🙂
Although it is nice to be considerate to others whenever it is possible.

Sick people are allowed to eat and drink in public. He should tell the employer that he suffers from dehydration / diabetes. In Islam, the sick are exempt from fasting. He can easily drink water in his workplace.

Yeah right, tell that to the cops that you had to drink/eat cause:
1) It is stinking hot
2) You are dehyrdated

Stay away from Adobo Burritos! Food comes muy frio every time and zero guest recovery. Complete lack of empathy or hospitality.

Mi casa es NO su casa!

I’m sorry you feel that way. Of course we value your opinion and would love to make it right. The fact of the matter is, however, our burritos are loaded with fresh, cold ingredients like sour cream, cheese, guacamole, lettuce, pico, corn salsa, and green salsa. All those are kept cold in a refrigerated display and will certainly cool down the meat, rice, and beans in your burrito. It’s not possible to have a piping hot burrito unless you leave out all the cold ingredients. You definitely don’t want warm guac or sour cream!

Waffle & Steak in Mangaf would deliver during the day in previous Ramadan’s. I haven’t tried yet this year.

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